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He killed three children and committed suicide. “Seemed quite normal”

37-summer inhabitant of the municipality of Buchs in the Canton of Aargau in the North of Switzerland was killed in his home by three of her children. As reported by the Swiss police, the man, after all, committed suicide.

The body discovered on Monday morning, after returning from work to his wife. The victim is the 13-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter from his first marriage, the man and the 3-year-old daughter from the second marriage. The two oldest children took it in turns with the father and with his residence in the neighboring village of the mother. The authorities have even more information to the topic and the course of the crime.

Suspected of committing acts, directs, decided against the father of the family. On the basis of the findings of the investigation, you can exclude the possibility that the use of firearms – police said.

The house in which there was a tragedy, situated in a quiet area. The behavior of its inhabitants, is not caused at the neighbors not to arouse suspicion.

As said the newspaper “sight” one of neigbours, in the medical industry, the 37-year-old “gave the impression of a completely normal, often the time spent on the Grill in the garden with friends and with children. The woman by him also accompanied. They were Fun-family”.

The alleged killer regularly posts in social networks photos of their children with the descriptions of the kind of “my Princess”.