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Koronawirus in Poland and in the world. More than 80 thousand. new infection in the United States [RELACJA]

In the United States in the last few days, 447 people were infected koronawirusem. In turn, in China discovered that a cases Covid-19, but, as says the power are the cases from abroad. The latest news about epidemics, you will find in our continuously updated relations.

Due to the pandemic, two-thirds of the company must have, to restrict or defer the cost, or investment, results from a study of the National register of debts. OK. 27 percent. Contractor with the recruitment of new employees, resulting in the fifth company rezygnowano investment in Innovation.

The authors of the study, “an epidemic of changed Business” showed that up to 66 percent. Companies should, while Covid-limit 19 or depend on your spending or investment. In the context of these decisions, almost 27 percent. Abstentions with the recruitment of new employees. Almost the fifth company rezygnowano investment in Innovation. A similar save percentage, was looking for in the Suspension cost for the training, but also on advertising and Marketing.

Every second entrepreneur estimated that koronawirus also resulted in a deterioration in the financial stability of the company. For 16 Percent. the Situation was “definitely worse” than before the pandemic, and there is no change, gave 37%. Company. In turn, 13%. the companies reported that their financial Situation has improved.

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, said on Monday that in the last days of the 447 dead koronawirusa were in the United States. Confirmed 81 493 new cases of the infection Covid-19.

The American University has calculated that since the beginning of the pandemic in the United States have been diagnosed, including 9 284 261 cases of infection koronawirusem. The number of dead reached currently 231 507.

Johns Hopkins it is also reported that around the world since the beginning of the crisis Covid-19 fixed 46 878 189 infections. Died due to a Virus 1 205 048 people.

National Commission of health reported on Tuesday on the 49 new cases Covid-19, which were in the course of the last days, the days before 24.

National Commission of health, said in a statement that 44 new cases of an infection, imported from abroad.

The Commission also 61 new asymptomatic cases notified compared to 30 adopted a day earlier. China not classified in asymptomatic patients as the confirmed cases Covid-19.

General information the official number of confirmed cases koronawirusa in China currently amounts to 86 070, at a time when the number of deaths stagnates victims, 4634.

In Wales, 17-day lockdown to contain the epidemic koronawirusa – named Firewall – began on 23. The head of the government of the Welsh Assembly, Mark Drakeford acknowledged that this was announced on Thursday by the British government four-week lockdown in England affects the Situation in Wales, but the end date will not be restrictions changed.

The head of the Welsh Assembly government announced that from next Monday no restriction in the movement is through the country, but his descent into the private show lockdownu in England can only work for important reasons, such as the. Activities can stop school, as well as all of the companies that had to him, although still not fully explained, nor what trade there is Pubs and Restaurants.

In Wales, until the lockdown is no impact on the reduction in the number of infections has is that it already decided in Northern Ireland, such a step, a week earlier. Last Friday in Wales, a record number of infections in the course of the day, 1737, and on Monday was the second in order of precedence: 1646. The balance of the epidemic 53 infections and 337 1 891 dead.

Meanwhile, the head of the Scottish government Nicola Sturgeon admitted on Monday that a brief lockdown rozważaną Option, although prior to the decision, you want the assurances of the British government in the question of the extension of the programme for the payments from the budget of the salaries for the employees that were sent because of the epidemic in the holiday. Scotland was, until then, this part of the United Kingdom, which were created, the restrictive measures in connection with koronawirusem, but on Thursday is the only one without all the lockdownu. In the morning on Monday in force pięciostopniowa scale limitations kicked in, although it is at the highest level, none of the administrative units in Scotland reached.