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“The machine for almost-accidents”. Joe is the oldest President in U.S. history can Biden

If Joe wins, Biden will be the oldest President in the history of the United States. In the event of his victory, the first Vice-the U.S. President is a woman Senator from California, Kamala Harris. Today, the final duel, Joe Biden, Donald Trump. The rate one of the highest in the world – on the four-year term in the White house.

The 78-year-old, currently Joe Biden in American politics present for almost half a century.

In his childhood stutter Joe Biden. Hence its former Nickname “Bye-bye” – придаваемом him of repetitions when pronouncing the first syllable of his name.

Watching the devastating effect of alcohol on the family of his mother, Joe Biden thought it would be a teetotaler. Only alcoholics in my family – specified.

When he was only 30 years old, won the elections to the Senator. A few weeks later, in December of 1972 in a car accident his wife and his one year old daughter died. Biden is not resigned. After working in Washington, more than 150 km by train up to two sons in Delaware. In her upbringing, which helped him a brother and a sister.

In 1977, Joe Biden married again with Jill Jacobs.

In may 2015, Joe Biden, once again, a family tragedy they have experienced. At the age of 46 years, the son died Biden Beau. He had a brain tumor.

In the course of about a half-century political career of the 78 took a-year-old is currently Biden have me of the opinion of those who attended, moderated, energetic and with a sense of Humor. In view of their frequent lapsusy language, he himself has noted, as a “machine for almost-accidents”. This year, he said, for example, on minimum wages at the level of 15 million dollars instead of 15 dollars per hour.

In Parliament, Biden his ideas of the Republicans was able to convince him,. With many maintained close ties, for example, with Senator John McCainem.

Joe Biden unsuccessfully for the White house in 1988 and 2008. In the course of the primaries, 32 years ago, his lies about the family and the copy of the speech of the leader of the British Labour party Neil Kinnocka threw.

In the ‘ 90s. Biden voted in the Senate for the enlargement of NATO and the adoption of the Polish Alliance. From 2009 to 2017, the Vice-US President Barack Obama was. Their relationship to today’s friendships.

Up to the primaries in South Carolina Road, in the nomination of the Democratic party, Biden was bumpy. At the beginning of the internal competition the results were so disappointing that the media compared the atmosphere in his headquarters at the funeral and speculated whether it would be better to withdraw. However, according to superwtorku, i.e., primaries in several States, at the beginning of March, his candidacy to the candidate in people’s deputies of the party was already a formality – officially you have to virtual because of the epidemic koronawirusa party to the Convention.

“You’re a Clown” against “you’re Not too smart”: the debate, Trump – Biden full attacks and sharp words

A pandemic completely, the American campaign changed. Trump organized tłumne rallies, but Biden in September, only rarely will the family left Wilmington in the U.S. state of Delaware. His campaign meetings collected less supporters. Have survived the distance, the necessarily were masks. With the approach of the criticism of the President to the epidemic koronawirusa Biden of the main points of his election campaign was a. Selective opponents on a regular basis the blame for the disregard of the risk.

“Given the current crisis, Biden can see how the President deals with koronawirusem. The problems of the preservation of the health, financial Ruin and the threat of recession, lead to the fact that Trump is waiting for the biggest challenge, in front of which Stand any modern President, and it is made of (epidemic) will depend on his chances of re-election”, – declared in the spring of the Portal The Hill.

At the Polling meetings Trump Biden called “sleeping Joe”. Often, kicks, the, arise, in his opinion, – the lack of concentration or, on the contrary, dementia makes his przejęzyczeń and fail. The President regularly claimed that the son of Joe Biden, Hunter, said he with his work for the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, in allusion to the corruption. The Republicans provides its experienced political competitors, as representatives of the “swamp” – as the Washington establishment.

The headaches of the current owner of the White house in this season dizziness can sums, which collects the headquarters of his rival on the campaign. In August, he broke a monthly record during the American campaigns – 383 million dollars.

Polls show that the candidate of the Democrats reflects Trumpowi also the electorate of the “Blue Collar”, i.e. industrial workers. The lost is an important electorate in the Midwest, the Region in the Wake of globalization, many jobs.

Many members of the growing importance of the group of the progressive Democrats, Biden is considered to be a moderate representative of the old something and the representatives of the large capital. In this context, an experienced politician, made a series of gestures in this direction of the wing. Flattering expressed about Senator Bernie Sandersie, if you consider the fact that his socialist rival with primaries, “agitated, but the movement created”. The former Vice President referred to the part of the postulates of a member of Parliament from the state of Vermont, in your program.

Before the election, in it you find such is postulated as a triple tax benefits for children, free higher education for most Americans, or the minimum wage in the amount of US $ 15 per hour.

To evaluate the return to the lewicowego wing of the party opponent Biden as a further example of the instability of his views and attitudes to the economy. The candidate for President has already changed their opinion, for example, in the question of abortion and the death penalty. For many followers of Biden, but more demonstrates his desire to reach a compromise on the feeling and the mood in the society.

Joe Biden is a very unattractive candidate – he said in the Morning in an Interview with RMF FM Dr. Zbigniew Левики, amerykanista of cardinal-Stefan-Wyszynski University. In his opinion, for Polish a better President, Donald Trump would be.

A nice Gentleman who loves not, is not responsible – Yes Biden, praised Левики of Prof. According to him, Biden is a kind of “Vice-President”. As he ordered the President to go to the funeral, to the wedding and on to something else, do that. And is worthy. That is his nature Левики stressed. I’m a little scared of the world, Biden is the behavior, because the human being is just niedecyzyjny. It is a long time in the about the fact, how much to pour a teaspoon of sugar coffee , he said.

Zbigniew Левики: For Polish better President would be Donald Trump