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The next restrictive measures in Hungary. From midnight to 5 a.m. is prohibited, to go on the road

The Hungarian government has decided that the re-imposition of emergency law because of the epidemic koronawirusa. It was decided also that from midnight until 5 o’clock in the morning, you can go, – said Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

If the pace of the spread of the Virus quickly, we also need to act quickly. Therefore, the government decided that, since today, since midnight re-introduce exceptional statutory right, and we ask the house to this emergency extended for 90 days this is what the Prime Minister said.

He added that at the request of operational staff on questions of fight against koronawirusem, it was decided to close and entertainment from midnight until 5 o’clock in the morning is not going to be possible to go outside.

The entry infections koronawirusem in Hungary

The entry infections koronawirusem in Hungary

Orban also said that at sporting events, in cinemas, you just sit on that 3. Site, and, optionally, the wearing of protective masks. The authorities will be monitored all of the activities, if necessary, will be imposed on applied fines, and the place where rules are not complied with, will be immediately closed promised.

Orban has justified the need for the introduction of new restrictions, that in an epidemic Situation developed in Hungary with a delay of 5-7 days in relation to Austria, and if so, the hospital achieved in Hungary in mid-December, the limit of its capabilities.

He added that during peak hours in the morning and the southern public transport more often is to, again is introduced, and free Parking.

Extraordinary legal order requires, already in Hungary, during the spring wave of infections koronawirusem. 11. In March, the government declared a state of danger, in connection with Epidemic SARS-CoV-2 on the whole territory of the country. 30. In March Parliament adopted the law, according to which the government may in an emergency mode “suspended application of certain laws, exemptions from the provisions of the laws and all other emergency measures to guarantee the life and health of the citizens, legal security and stability of the national economy”.

On Tuesday new infections koronawirusem (3989) and deaths Covid recorded in Hungary, the most since the beginning of the epidemic-19 in the course of the day (84). A total of 87 thousand was found almost. Infection koronawirusem. In 1973, the patients Covid-19 of the deceased, and almost 21 thousand. infected wyzdrowiało.