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The presidential elections in the United States by 2020. The second term for Donald Trump presidency or Joe Biden? [NA ŻYWO]

The presidential elections in the US,. For a second term in the White house Donald Trump, the Republican fight. His opponent is the candidate of the Democrats, Joe Biden. The first results of take off begin after midnight CET in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, and the winner should be known on Wednesday morning.

The Americans choose the President. On the re-election is a candidate for Donald Trump – the candidate of the Republican party. His opponent, Democrat Joe Biden.

– Almost 100 million Americans zagłosowało in advance, including in the absence. This number is more than 72 percent. of joint participation with the elections in 2016.

– Crucial for the final result of the elections, the United rockers have. This year belong to them, mostly, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa and Arizona, of rare – Georgia, Texas and Ohio.

Victory for the candidates need at least 270 votes elektorskich. Number of electors is 538.

– Candidate for a second term as President of the United States Donald Trump in previous elections in 2016, he received the 304.

– In the night of the election raft gradually, the results of the voting in the individual districts in the United States.

– Announcement of the results of the elections may be delayed, as some States allow the counting of the votes for the correspondence chess only on election day.

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A Fan of Twitter, the bites rarely in the language. Whether Donald Trump is the move from the White house?

A Fan of Twitter, the bites rarely in the language. Whether Donald Trump is the move from the White house?

Queues are from the numerous election system in the United States. Thus, in particular, in the decisive results of the elections for Of Pennsylvania.

The fact that the outcome of the election change can Polish?

The relations between the United States since the presidency of Donald Trump are very good. It must be the abolition of the visa duty, military matters and questions of our energy security stresses. The current American government, it is ensured that in case of victory Trump everything will be opened.

About Joe Biden, the stress of his advisers, the policy of cooperation should be continued and raised to a higher level. Biden wants a strong Alliance of NATO, the strengthening of the Eastern flank, and more pressure on Russia. He spoke about the review of forces in our Region and lead you to a new time in accordance with the threat. In a and in the second case, this Alliance should not be disturbed.