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The presidential elections in the United States through the eyes of our American correspondents Paul Żuchowskiego

Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona are the results from these wahających state will be decisive in the race for the White house. Surveys in them, in particular, show either a fierce battle, or something behind the candidate of the Democrats, Joe Biden.

The largest of the wahających state is inhabited by numerous Cuban community in Florida, which has 29 votes elektorskich. Four years ago, Trump 1.2 percent defeated points. This year surveys very violently. The results of this, is located in the South of the US Federal government to start white water, in the morning, a part of the polling stations closes. 1 in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday German time.

The aim of the campaign is with the eyes of our US correspondent Paul Żuchowskiego

Our US correspondent Paul Żuchowski told you over the finish line campaign in special broadcasts on FB RMF24.pl

Also follow our Live feed of the race behind the chair of the President of the United States.