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The presidential elections in the United States. What are the views from Trump and Biden?

A claim to re-election, the Republicans Donald Trump and his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden differ programmatically, not only in social matters but also in the Vision of foreign policy. In this article we will compare the approach of the two candidates on important issues of the presidency.

Before us is a Showdown between Trump and Biden. Americans today choose their President. What is the approach of the two candidates is, for example, to the question of the death penalty? The manner in which spoke about China? What are the abortions you support? All this we explain in the following article.

President Trump critical comments about the NATO, the assessment of what is out of date. Regular calls also to an increase in the defense of the Nato countries spending. This applies in particular to Germany, the United States in this year started the process of a decision of 12 thousand. Soldiers.

In return, Joe Biden calls for the Reform of the Alliance. The candidate of the Democrats, said that he intends to build a new strategic concept, in which are included.km.in problems of the Russian Aggression.

A Fan of Twitter, the bites rarely in the language. Whether Donald Trump is the move from the White house?

Donald Trump emphasized that he agrees that the United States offer German defense, and the Berlin-Moscow-and controversial-project to be realized. Administered at the end of last year by the US government, the sanctions led to the suspension of the construction of the Pipeline. The Republican Militias! last call are declared, in order to prevent that a project is completed and ready for the implementation of further sanctions. Sources of REUTERS news Agency, the Congress is also not Overdub exclude directly to Germany.

The representative of the headquarters of Biden’s claim that Nord Stream 2 pressure on Russia are supported, and reminded that the former Vice-President of the United States commented that the Pipeline “very bad issue for Europe”.

In this issue you not see the contradiction in the approach of the candidates. This project is in Washington, District of Columbia ponadpartyjnym support, with the resolutions on the subject of votes in Congress, Republicans as well as Democrats.

“The machine for almost-accidents”. Joe is the oldest President in U.S. history can Biden

The current President says that “the victory is Biden a victory for China’s” called and koronawirusa “Chinese scourge” or “Kung flu”. The Democrat complains that in the course of its ongoing decades of his political career, millions of jobs were from the United States to China.

Biden wypomina and the President, that he was at the beginning of the year, when the epidemic was still in a local concern of China, praised the head of state, Xi Jinpinga for emphatic approach to the Problem of transparency and actions. His second allegation, the lack of determination of the White house in sending US investigators in China for the investigation of circumstances of Explosion of the epidemic.

Trump, live in a society, in the economy of the USA and supports the death penalty and the right to bear arms. Explains the need for the support of the security services and the maintenance of “law and order”. Biden and since last year, is against the death penalty.

The 74-year-old Donald Trump was in January, the first current President in the history of the United States, it is antyaborcyjnym March for life in Washington, District of Columbia. All of us realize the old truth: every child is a precious and sacred gift of God he’s the real deal. His opponents the fault in the campaign about the fact that “against God”.

Joe Biden, and the liberal approach to the Problem of abortion. Democrats supported the decision of the Supreme court of the USA, age more than 40 years in the case of ” ROE against Wade. The solution to this, the Supreme court of the right to abortion to the “fundamental constitutional right” of every woman. The court sanctioned legally, then, the permissibility of abortion on request in the United States. Since then, many States, however, have a number of limitations.

Trumpin this respect, the great trust of the voters enjoys, as Biden, announces further tax cuts and deregulation, as well as throws his competitors in socialism.

Democrats presented and the Plan for the production of 700 billion US DOLLARS on US products, and their fate on the development of the infrastructure as well as research and development, in particular in the field of electrical machines, 5G networks, and artificial intelligence. The newspaper “Washington Post” called the proposal “Build Back Better” (engl. “Odbudowujmy better”) Kind of economic nationalism.

If the elections were Joe wins, Biden will be concessions in the international policy of the USA, Donald Trump signifies the victory more, in particular, the solid outer line in relation to Russia and good relations with German-American he said in an Interview with political analyst RAHR Professor Przemyslaw zhuravsky vel Grajewski.

“Winner takes all”, i.e. the intricacies of the election to the post of US President

Grajewski stressed that Poland receives clear benefits from the collaboration with the administration of the President Trump, both in the area of the dozbrojenia, as in the case of the measurement of the energy.

It is about the Transfer of American raw materials through the Terminal in świnoujście, which is of course connected with wypieraniem of the Russian market with natural gas – has noted the Professor.

It may be that after the night of the election result a candidate, and after counting all the votes, wins another candidate – so much about today’s elections, the US President said in the Morning in an Interview with RMF FM Dr. Zbigniew Левики.

If the voters will vote rationally, then Trump wins if she is emotionally Biden amerykanista of cardinal-Stefan-Wyszynski University, said.

Prof. Левики admitted that Joe Biden is a candidate very unattractive. For Polish Trump would have been better without discussion. Biden us not in love Robert guest Mazurka said.

Amerykanista said that “a little bit afraid of the world, of the behavior is Biden, because the human being is niedecyzyjny”.

It is a long time in the about the fact, how much to pour a teaspoon of sugar coffee the Professor Zbigniew Левики said.

Zbigniew Левики: For Polish better President would be Donald Trump

For the filling, the last cards of Polling remaining time. In Washington, the protection of places that may be damaged after the announcement of the results of the elections continues. The authorities are expecting riots.

Almost 100 million Americans participated in the earlier vote.

Trump: will Biden “State Prison”. Biden: vote for me, and Trump

Trump: is Biden