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The wonders of Izmir. 4-year-old pulled from the rubble after four days

Four-year-old girl, the rescue workers moved on Tuesday, within 90 hours after the earthquake from the rubble of a building in Izmir, in Western Turkey. The child was taken to hospital.

How did the Turkish channel, four of the name Ayda you was conscious. Their extraction from the rubble, accompanied by the welcome of the rescue forces. Ayda and her mother Fidan were searched among the rubble of the building for four days. The fate of the mother is not known.

Our daughter, Ayda, was rescued from the rubble after 91 hours – there was in the Twitter Lira Agency for civil protection AFAD.

The day before, under the ruins of the destroyed buildings in Izmir rescuers managed to pull three-year-old girl called elif. She held 65 hours under the rubble. After the liberation, it was immediately taken to hospital, where on Saturday to meet her two sisters, his brother and his mother. One of the children died as a result of the injury.

On Tuesday the number of victims of Friday’s earthquake in Turkey, in the vicinity of Izmir increased up to 102. Rescue workers are still searching of collapsed buildings.

Friday earthquake up to a Magnitude of 7 najtragiczniejszym in Turkey since 2011, when the city of Van in the East of the country killed more than 600 people.

Earthquake in Izmir. Grew Victims Balance