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Trump: will Biden “State Prison”. Biden: vote for me, and Trump

Two contenders for the White house candidate has an intense day of the campaign. The Republicans Donald Trump went to the rallies on Monday in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Democrat Joe Biden on the vote to be courted in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

In the run-up to the American presidential elections, Trump and Biden campaigned in the United wahających (swing states), on the East coast and the Midwest. President rallies on courses chosen, in particular, Scranton, Pennsylvania – the city of birth of his selective opponents and Kenoshę in Wisconsin, unrest in the summer where came.

At his rallies Republicans in strong terms criticized the political opponents. Biden of thought of how to cope mentally incapable, with the presidency and said that if his opponent was elected, then, would be imposed “State Prison”, in order to control a pandemic koronawirusa.

Lockdown Biden, neither the schools nor the closing ceremony, nor wedding, nor Thanksgiving, neither Easter, nor Christmas, nor the Fourth of July, and no future would mean for the American youth – he said.

On poniedziałkowych meetings, Biden directed his words to the undecided voters, and have been made to the unity of the country. Made aware of a pandemic, to criticize the actions of the White house in this area and estimating that the current administration wywiesiła “the white flag”.

Speaking of Covid-19 candidate of the Democrats, explained that the tips scientists and chief epidemiologist of the country Anthony Fauciego hear. Yesterday Trump said he will do it Fauciego. (…) I have a better idea. Choose me, and I’ll take Fauciego and let go Trump – the former Vice-President in the car rally in Cleveland said.

In the politically polarized U.S. election campaign in the United States, the pandemic, the economic crisis and the social concerns fell into the time in connection with racial matters. During the debates and meetings candidates will not only criticism but also personal attacks spared himself.

During the epidemic koronawirusa rivals in the race for the White house took a completely different strategy, campaigns. Trump went to rallies for hundreds or thousands of people, often on the drives to airports. Biden rarely she left her house in Wilmington, Delaware. His campaign meetings were held with observance of safety measures that are recommended have been collected during the epidemic, masks and kept a distance from each other.

The Republicans throws demokracie, that their well-wishers are not able to revive enthusiasm. This, in turn, accuses the President about the disregard of the epidemic.

In most of the surveys forwarded to Biden, but four years ago, Trump was also the favorite of the election.

The aim of the campaign is with the eyes of our US correspondent Paul Żuchowskiego