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“Winner takes all”, i.e. the intricacies of the election to the post of US President

In 12 hours Moscow time on Tuesday, the first polling stations opened for the presidential election in the United States. The first results of take off begin after midnight CET in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The victory in the American elections for the head of state does not determine the number of votes cast for a candidate, but to represent individual provisions of the members of the so-called College Elektorskiego.

In almost all Federal States, the principle of “the winner takes it all”in accordance with the candidate who won the elections in this state, gets the votes of all voters, no matter how high he defeated his opponent. Only in Nebraska and Maine voice elektorskie are distributed proportional to the distribution of direct votes.

The number of votes elektorskich is dependent on the population of the state. Here are around 40 million people live in California, your 55, Idaho with a population of more than 1.7 million people, has four. To win, you need at least 270 votes elektorskich. A claim to a second term as President of the United States Donald Trump in previous elections in 2016, he received the 304.

The majority of the States has enough selective formed preferences, what is the result of the presidential election in them, de facto, before the vote is known. And so you can predict that, for example, in New York, the Democrats, and South Korea – get the Republicans. The game goes like this Rocker in the USA (the so-called swing states). This year belong to them, mostly, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa and Arizona, of rare – Georgia, Texas and Ohio. In the choice of raft gradually, the results of the voting in the individual districts in the USA are night.

During the epidemic koronawirusa Rivals in the race for the White house took different strategies of the campaign. Trump organized rallies for hundreds or thousands of people, often on the drives to airports. The candidate of the Democrats, Joe Biden rare, she left her home in Wilmington, Delaware. His campaign meetings were held with observance of safety measures that are recommended have been collected during the epidemic, masks, and preserved social distance.

Trump accuses the opponents that their well-wishers are not able to revive enthusiasm. This, in turn, accuses the President about the neglect of the epidemic koronawirusa.

In most surveys, leads Biden, but the commentators point out that four years ago, Trump was also the favorite of the election.

The elections this year is unique in view of the massive early voting. On Tuesday morning, so the participation in the elections less than 99.6 million US citizens did not. This number is more than 72 percent. of joint participation with the elections in 2016.