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30-year-old Sarah McBride is the first in the history of the Senator transpłciową

Sarah McBride won election to the Senate in the US state of Delaware. It is the first in the history of the case, if the person transpłciowa embraced in the United States, the function of Senator of the Federal state.

“McBride, well-known LGBT activist with ease has won the battle for a place in the Senate of the state of Delaware“- quoted by NBC.

As shows the Station, a 30-year-old McBride is raised on a series of transpłciową representatives of the US authorities.

Represents, the democratic party of the 30-year-old McBride defeated Republican Steve Washington.

I dedicated his whole life fighting for the people had a sense of self-esteem, serenity, and a fair Chance McBride said the startup is announcing in the elections.