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A huge mosaic of the Rubik’s cube. Is the mythological Atlas

16 hours – as long as the Italian painter laying mozaikowego works of art in the cube of Rubik lasted. The image is a figure of the Greek Titan Atlas dźwigającego bow is not blue as it is in mythology and the great Rubik’s cube.

Such a mosaic, consisting of 6 thousand cubic meters, built in a Italian painter, specializing in the installation of Rubik’s cubes Giovanni Contardi: I’m just about finished… took me about 16 hours. The hardest part was the constant attention and, of course, the pain in the legs, but now he is happy – said the 26-year-old artist.

Mosaic of large – has a size of five and a half to three and a half meters.

Italian artists decided to reach more than 60, records of domestic, nine of Europe, world records and three world records in the transfer, the Rubik’s cube cube of art to create.

Now a full-time artist-cube-рубик’s Cube, creating a huge image. Has already on account of his portrait of Amy Winehouse, LeBron James, Rihanna, John Lennon and Justin Timberlake have amassed.