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Among Us will be updated with anonymous voting mode and other news

Between us is becoming more and more complete thanks to these new customization options.

Last updated on April 11, 2020 at 9:51 am

Among Us’s success has lasted longer than many expected, thanks in large part to the number of hours the youtubers devote themselves to this strange game so simple but fun format that it suggests.

Given its great impact, the developers have worked on continuous updates that will further improve the gaming experience. The last brings us very important news that will delight lovers of crew members and scammers.

Scammers may have it a little easier with this update … or they may not.

Votes can now be secret

Innersloth listened to its players and added one of the most anticipated features: the secret voting.

Scammers will now have a little easier time scooping the final victory as they no longer have to worry about their voice telling their teammates their true identity clues.

Within the game, the votes are now all displayed in gray (if the anonymous voting option is enabled) instead of the representative color of each player.

Goodbye to “so and so is a suspect who didn’t vote for the cheater.”

The quest bar also changes

The other big, significant change in this new Among Us update directly affects them Crew taskbar. Until now it was always visible and filling green like that good from the start They did their chores.

With the new changes come three options regarding the taskbar: always visible (as has happened so far) only visible in meetings or hidden.

All these possibilities open up the configuration options considerably. The Games take on a new dimension there they can be tailored to the detail, This provides an opportunity to give cheaters or crew members more advantages depending on how the afternoon goes.

That the crew wins easily? Let’s make it difficult for him.

Is it the scammers ravaging the ship? Let’s hide the system tray from them and no longer have the certainty that they have time to kill.

Other news and fixes

Report among us

A Masasa hit has become among us

This Among Us update also includes cosmetic changes to meeting views, New icons in the famous cable quest, minor bug fixes, and deletion of security logs when communication is sabotaged.

Additionally, Innersloth has also announced short-term plans for its flagship game. In the next few months a new card with the theme of Henry Stickmin, the Creation of individual accounts Add friends and report other toxic users, color blind support and new language support.

Remember, this game is entirely in Spanish and here we are going to show you how to express it in our language.

Also don’t forget that you can give it a distinctive touch and be unique with its many customization options on the ship.