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Elections in the United States. The Congressman was born in Poland, for a second term of office elected

The democratic Congress was born in Poland, a Deputy from the state of New Jersey, Tom Malinowski, the elections Republican rivals won on Tuesday and won re-election in the house of representatives of the United States. Won in traditionally Republican circle, in which it is located, in particular, the Golf Club of Donald Trump.

As noted, My Central Jersey, Malinowski with ease defeated, dialing, according to the preliminary results of the 147 264 votes, while his rival, Tom Kean Jr., you have 118 863. The Democrat won the sexual 55.3 percent. up to 44.7%. Votes.

The 55-year-old Malinowski, born in Slupsk. Arrived In the U.S., as the child of six years. For the cadences of the US President Bill Clinton at the State Department and worked in the Council for National security. Acted as chief of the Washington office of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch. Mother, members of Congress, Johanna Rostropovich Clark, was a longtime assistant of New York “New magazine”.

Malinowski won in 7. the circle of the Congress in New-Jersey, which was traditionally for the moderate Republicans. In recent years the Situation has changed has been born, along with the influx of residents abroad.

On My Central Jersey, one of the richest counties in the U.S. Congress. Ranked in fifth place in terms of middle-income.

“Cain’s father, a former Governor, he served two terms in the 80s., lives in Bedminster, and Christine Todd Whitman, during his two terms was the Governor (from this circle), in the 90s., You grew up in the County of Somerset and lives in the County of Hunterdon”, emphasizes the Portal.

As he says, moderate Republicans, like Whitman, is satisfied with the changes in the Republican Administration for Trump. Whitman even supported Biden in a speech at the national Congress of the Democrats.

The election campaign, the two rivals ran along the line of the party. The followers of Cain accused Малиновскому that he is too liberal. Malinowski Cain attacked for relations with pharmaceutical companies.

According to the American Congress Полонии in New Jersey Andrew Burghardta, Malinowski is currently probably the only member of the house of representatives, born in Poland.

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