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Joe Biden: we Believe that these elections win

“I’m here to announce the victory at the presidential election in the USA, but to explain that we believe that when the counting of the votes is completed, then we are the best”, said on Wednesday the democratic candidate for President Joe Biden.

Contenders of the Democrats to the White house a politician in his speech, from Wilmington in the state of Delaware said that “every voice zliczony must”.

After a long night of counting is clear that we gain in sufficient quantity, States, 270 votes elektorskich for the presidency – said in an interview in the company of the candidate of the Democrats for the office of the Vice-President of the Senator Kamala Harris.

Favorite, to win elections, he said that works in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. 20 thousand votes, that is, on this difference, with which he won this year, the selective President, the opponents of Donald Trump in this state on the Great lakes in 2016. Emphasized the good results for him in Michigan, and also optimistic about their chances in Pennsylvania, where counted, currently, of the map Polling early voting.

Biden pointed out that in the elections with a record turnout and more than 150 million Americans their voice in you. He urged citizens to unity and to put aside smaller surface structures and campaign services rhetoric.

The 78-year-old is an experienced politician, is the leader in the race for the White house. The Portal of the “New York Times” admits, him 237 votes elektorskich. Up to this number on Wednesday evening, the local is almost certainly added 16 for the win in Michigan. Democrats lead in 11 hereby elektorskich Arizona and Nevada 6. After the campaign, in the night, full of twists and turns in the book brick-a favorite of eventual victory creators already.

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