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Koronawirus in Europe. Chaos in the control of exports at border crossings

Trips or business in different countries at the same time, perhaps in our time bring with it many problems. Rules for crossing the border is not agreed upon, which means that certain ambiguities cause. Brussels tries to fight this Problem. Was, among other things, the Portal Re-Open Europe, on the you could see not only the Situation epidemiologiczną in the individual countries, but also in their limitations at the borders.

In the autumn, after Europe, the second wave koronawirusa came, and with him, after the summer break, again, restrictions at the borders between the European countries. Although the restrictions are not so strict as in the spring – most of the borders, de facto, the decisions in the rule, each state independently, on the basis of the individual criteria and by various means.

If Croatia remains open not only for EU citizens but also, for example, the United States, neighbouring Hungary, practically closed for the whole of Europe. System restrictions, in Germany, working on the basis of data and recommendations-Institute. Robert Koch-Institute, differs from this in Austria, where other criteria. How many countries, so many approaches.

The Netherlands leads the restrictions on the next two weeks. “Endurance is still important”

Restrictive measures are not just different, but you can change from day to day. In October, Spanish Perez, Abraham questions about the a couple of days business trip went on the route Berlin – Zurich. In Switzerland, when landed, it turned out that on the same day, the “red Zone” by the local authorities in Berlin that was connected with the obligation, the passage of the 10-day quarantine.

I had planned to stay only six days, so that I had to be postponed my flight back to Berlin, four to go. Also, when I go back to Germany, again I had to take the Test, and even a quarantine. To put it mildly, I was not too happy – the Spanish entrepreneur says in the training in the field of security.

The import of the companies and trainers from abroad at the present time is a nightmare. The mass of the Tests, for the registration of documents, the Navigation in the jungle of different rules and restrictions – tells.

The Spaniard was not the only one who complains about Edge of Chaos in the EU. The Chaos and the variety of regulatory excite headache of passengers and transport companies.

In October, a group calling for the European airlines, Airlines For Europe drastically skrytykowała “chaotic these limits, together with the confusion around kwarantann, forms and Test-tasks”, more than a coherent and common approach on European level. The group called, in particular, on the introduction of a common European program Express-Tests at the borders and airports, as well as the adoption of the General criteria and to improve coordination with the introduction of the new rules at the border.

Uncoordinated national decisions, have freedom in the last few months, a devastating effect on the movement – suddenly, the Chairman of the group and the head of the airline Air France-KLM Benjamin Smith said.

The first steps in this direction have already been made – at least in theory. 13. October, the European Council approved the main directions proposed by the Commission recommendations of ws. the common approach of the obstacles. In the document, it is, in particular, on the application of the General criteria for decisions on the control of exports to Prevent, on the basis of the data and the size of the European centre for disease prevention and control, defines the color of individual regions, countries (green, orange, red) depending on the epidemiological Situation.

Another commitment for the distribution restrictions are not less than 24 hours, and the agreement of rules on quarantine for the visitors. In reality, the adoption of the document until now, however, little has changed. In most States, the process of introduction of new restrictions remained same.

A helpful step that can be done, the European Commission already in June, was in time create special Portal-Re-Open Europe, where you can check the Situation epidemiologiczną in the individual countries, as well as the force of her restrictions at the borders and in them. Platform does not solve, but only the basic Problem: visualises the lack of a coherent approach and the participation rules in EU member States.