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The bloody Terror in Vienna. The Demoman “cheated” program deradykalizacji jihadists

ISIS claimed responsibility for the bloody attacks in Vienna, in which four people died and more than ten were injured. Brutal attack committed, born and raised in Austria, the 20-year-old Kujtim Fejzulai, origin północnomacedońskiego.

Grief national in Austria after the terrorist attack. The Demoman was a “Supporter” of ISIS

The son of the gardener, and the saleswoman, who emigrated to Austria from Albania, born and raised in Vienna. On Monday around 20:00, the fire in six different places in the Austrian capital, opened, by the way, not far from the synagogue, on the market and in the Restaurant in the city centre.

Four people died: an elderly man and an elderly woman and a young passer-by and a waitress. Another 15 were injured.

The police shot and killed the 20-year-old Kujtima Fejzulai, had to be the Dummy wearing the belt szahida. The young man in April of 2019, he was sentenced to go to 22 months in prison for membership in the terrorist organisation ISIS, and the attempt of the war to Syria. After 8 months, he was released. The interior Minister of Austria, Karl Nehammer admitted that the man managed to fool the authorities, in prison, for participation in the program, designed to deradykalizacji Jihad; the man made so, what connects.

Before the blow he published several photos on Instagram, including the oath and loyalty dżihadystycznemu kalifatowi. On another photo he put the flag of ISIS.

First of all, the Austrian authorities believed that Kujtima Fejzulai not acted alone and that the perpetrators were not more than four. Yesterday, the first people were arrested in St. Poelten, Linz, and even in neighboring Switzerland. These people had due to shot-to-20-year-old friend. In connection with the attack were detained, however, for a total of 16 people.

After the lunch, Minister of the interior Karl Nehammer said that the existing evidence that the Videos do not show, in poniedziałkowym terrorist attack in Vienna, attended by more than a Terrorist.

In Austria, the three-day mourning is declared.