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The Netherlands leads the restrictions on the next two weeks. “Endurance is still important”

The Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, announced the introduction of new restrictions in the context of the epidemic koronawirusa, in particular, the closure of cinemas and theatres. Since mid-October, in part, is already in “lockdown”. The government is considering the closure of schools and the introduction of the curfew.

Today, in two weeks, private for a family does not meet the Dutch in the location, to public places in large groups as a double. It is also the cinema, theatre, museums, and Zoos. Prime Minister Mark Rutte urgently to his compatriots recommended, to until mid-January, stopped, with foreign trips.

“Together, the growth in the number of infections, we managed to overcome. But in order to accelerate the decline of the infections – approx. amended), apply additional restrictions within 2 weeks. Stamina is still important – for you and your loved ones,” writes Twitter-Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

15. October in the Netherlands, the “fractional lockdown effect”. Bars and Restaurants sell only take-away, limited also have the right to receive guests in their houses, the number of public meetings, as well as the clock, the sale of alcohol in shops. Was also introduced the compulsory wearing of masks in enclosed spaces, public areas.

Yesterday, the Dutch National Institute of Public Health reported that in the past week 64 087 new infections koronawirusem, a little less than two weeks ago, as the 64 087 was found was discovered. It is the first decline since August, when the number of new infections grow in the beginning fast to. 15. August was regulated, 655 new infections, on Monday, 8 286 was discovered.

The number of new infections is falling, but not fast enough – an assessment of the situation Rutte.

Hospitals, where a growing number of patients with Covid-19, close to the full, and the government is under pressure to reduce the burden on health systems, writes Reuters.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in the Netherlands, the Virus SARS-CoV-2 368 147 persons, of which 7 463 dead infected – this is on Tuesday convolution of the Agency.