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USA: the Rapper Kanye West admitted his defeat in the presidential election

The American Rapper Kanye West, the fight was a candidate for the office of the President on Tuesday, the elections in the United States, announced Monday his defeat, but promised that after four years back is going to for the White house.

West-he had no Chance of winning – was to be found in the lists in the polling stations in 12 States (Tennessee, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Utah, Iowa, Colorado and Vermont) that have a total of 84 votes elektorskie, so clearly below 270, which is the Minimum necessary to win.

Although the counting of the votes in the presidential elections is not over yet, but in none of the countries in West are not even close to the results, the Biden the offer price for the re-election of Donald Trump and the candidate of the Democrats for the office of the President Joe. According to the Agency AP, the 43-year-old Rapper from all over the country 60 761 votes, though this number during the count can still increase a little.

Relatively best result was in Tennessee, where zagłosowało him more than 10 thousand UAH. Man. This is so far the only state in which he exceeded this level. In the other, with the exception of Vermont with a rather weak result in 1265 the number of votes for Vesta votes varies between 3 thousand. and 8 thousand. In percentage terms, the best result took their own cost, in Tennessee and Kentucky, where it was 0.3 per cent after support. of the voters.

This musician unafraid of a short recording of “Kanye 2024,” said on Twitter that in the four years participate in elections.

By now, most Americans are waiting for the results of the current vote. Still no results from eight of the 50 U.S. States, and, in view of the large number of votes, the post submitted, it is difficult to say when is the winner announced. While the candidate can elektorskich Biden on 227 votes and Trump 213. For a win at least 270 to be.