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Elections in the United States by 2020. Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. The struggle for fundamental

The counting of votes will take in the presidential elections in the United States, in which the incumbent President Donald Trump Biden measured with the candidate of the Democratic party, Joe. In the last few days he has dropped the victory in favor of the Challenger, but we are still waiting for the results of the vote from six States.

– Before the election, a few candidates, but only two were important: it is the incumbent President and candidate of the Republicans, Donald Trump and the candidate of the Democrats is Biden, Joe.

– A duel full of twists and turns. Surveys some gave the victory Bidenowi, but after Trump in Florida won the mood began to change. The last few days, however, there were several events that przechyliły scales of victory to the “blue” side. According to AP Biden bounced Arizona, won in Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as the beginning of the melt benefit of Trump, in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

– According to the associated Press, Joe Biden won in the States of: Illinois, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, District of Columbia, New York, New Mexico, New Hampshire, California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Minnesota, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan.

– On the basis of the calculations to the Associated Press, Donald Trump has in the States of South Carolina, Arkansas, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Missouri, Utah, Nebraska, Idaho, Ohio, Iowa, Florida, Texas.

Victory for the candidates need at least 270 votes elektorskich. Number of electors is 538. A claim to a second term as President of the United States Donald Trump in previous elections in 2016, he received the 304.

Campaign headquarters of U.S. President Donald Trump sued in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia lawsuit over the temporary suspension of the counting of the votes in this state in the presidential election.

– The announcement of results is delayed because the were discussed, even in the absence of. The legislation of some States allows for special donations to voters on the election day.


In Maricopa County, Arizona, counting of votes was interrupted due to concerns for safety. In front of the Restaurant gathered a large group of supporters of Donald Trump, require the stopping of the counting of votes. According to the American media, some of those present were to report armed.

Up to the school and armed police sent.

In the U.S. state of Arizona, in General, the Republicans won. After counting of 86%. recovers, however, Joe Biden, with a prevalence of 80 thousand. Votes. Much can change – for the conversion, there are about 460 thousand. Votes.

Correspondent RMF FM in Washington, D. C. Paul Żuchowski says that there are signs Biden is a victory of Joe. In front of the White house pikietują supporters of democracy and opponents of Trump.

“Nightmare-duel of the polling station, which is involved in the court process”- so a possible scenario is the US on Thursday in the Italian press in the comments after the presidential election. On the title pages of most Newspapers this photo of Joe shows Biden.

Citing the election Commission of the unknown commentator of the magazine “Corriere della Sera” writes: “no matter how it turns out, is the fact that Donald Trump and also this time it was not appreciated”. He appeared in recurring before the election, of the opinion that it overcomes his opponent, Joe Biden him without too much difficulty.

La Repubblica noted that “the legal battle to the outcome of the elections”, because Trump defies Bidenowi and talks about the Scam, and also promises to the Supreme court. But currently, the legal basis for such a step is not,” says the commentator of the Roman newspaper Federico Rampini. How to write the most likely scenario of the “nightmare-duel Voting – this and ciąganego without end through the courts”.

According to the Associated Press, Joe Biden, 264 votes secured elektorskie, and that would mean that he is not enough six. The “New York Times” likely to be conservative, however, gives him 253 votes. Trump at the Moment can expect, 214 votes elektorskich.

The tie is still not decided in several States. Is:

Arizona: Here’s Joe Biden with the advantage of about 80 thousand. Votes. Can on 11 votes elektorskich choose. For counting, but about 460 thousand. Votes.

Nevada: Here, Joe also leads Biden, but has the advantage of low – 7,6 thousand. Votes. The winner can elektorskich up to 6 votes.

Pennsylvania: Here is Donald Trump leads with a lead of 164 thousand votes. This is an advantage, however, is melting with each Update. Win 20 votes elektorskich.

North Carolina: Donald Trump leads by a margin of 77 thousand. Votes. Here you will receive 15 voters elektorskich.

GA: Leads Donald Trump, has the advantage of about 32 thousand. Votes. By 16 voters elektorskich win.

Alaska: Here’s a safe, almost double the distance of the leader, Donald Trump. To on 3 votes elektorskie.

Currently registered, mainly by the votes in absentia. However, in accordance with the forecasts of experts, this is basically the voice of Joe Biden. The democratic candidate called for because of you by mail, in order to reduce the risk of infection koronawirusem. Donald Trump, on the contrary – he called the people to go to the polls.

GA-this is the third state in which the headquarters of Donald Trump’s lawsuit over the suspension of the counting of the votes cast in the presidential election, reports the AP. Previously, similar lawsuits were filed in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Seat Trump calls for the suspension of the counting of votes in Georgia

AP reported that Biden also won in Michigan. If it was confirmed, it would mean that the candidate of the Democrats only have 6 votes elektorskich to victory. This may NV (the), or Georgia, and Pennsylvania, in which the advantage Trump melts with every Update. Currently, the votes taken into account from there, отдаваемые via e-Mail, and these are largely Biden. The former Vice President, in contrast to Trump, requested to view the votes, to avoid the risk of infection koronawirusem.