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In Denmark were sacrificed 10 thousand. Mink. Remained smelly Problem

After the appearance of koronawirusa mink on the farm in the Danish town of Brovst, sacrificed 10 thousand animals were there. Back, the two days. Several thousand inhabitants complained about the stench, because until today, no one cleans from dead animals. “I can’t breathe”, they say.

Denmark is the first exporter in the world of skins of mink, which are bred on 1500 farms. Exported per year, 17 million skinsmost of them are located in China and Hong Kong.

The government in Copenhagen is the Knock-out of 15 million mink on the farms because of the mutations found in these animals koronawirusa. This Mutation does not cause serious consequences in humans, but reduces the effectiveness of human antibodies.

Knock-out mink with infected farms in Denmark began in October. On Sunday the vets 10 thousand animals are killed on a farm in a suburb of Brovst. Two days later, the dead were rabbit is still in the cells.

Already started to rot, smell terrible – the owner of the Farm Jan Poulsen told the newspaper BT.

The stench of the Computer complain of almost 3 thousand inhabitants in the city. The smell has made it so that you will not be able, on the threshold of their homes. It smells so good to breathe that nothing – said one of them.

Scientists do not yet know how the rabbits can koronawirusem by virus. A hypothesis says that of the birds.

We examine, among other things, a dead Seagull, which we have found in the last time farmer of the vicinity of mink farms Professor Ann Sophie Vedstedt Hammer of the University of Copenhagen said.

We are sure that the same gulls are not infected, because you don’t have antyciał, but can contribute to the spread of infections she added.