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Seat Trump calls for the suspension of the counting of votes in Georgia

GA-this is the third state in which the headquarters of Donald Trump’s lawsuit over the suspension of the counting of the votes cast in the presidential election, reports the AP. Previously, similar lawsuits were filed in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

In Georgia, in the select with 16 votes elektorskich, card choice to include local take.

Seat Trump claims to election Commission in Chatham County, GA Injury to the issuance of the cards in Polling. The case is sent to court.

Formerly the headquarters of the President-in-office called for the temporary termination of the counting of the votes in Pennsylvania and Michigan, until he “clearly” access to places where you have found out, and not checking messages that have already been opened and numbered and is confused.

According to the “New York Times,” candidate Joe Biden of the Democrats 253 elektorskie can count on some votes, Republican Donald Trump has currently 214. In six States, according to the publication, the battle for the White house was not ready.

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