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The armed in the crowd of Fans to Trump up the middle of the constituency of Phoenix

A Mob of supporters of the President, Donald Trump gathered in front of the Central election Commission, Phoenix, Arizona. The further counting of votes, including the key for the elections of the state, called local media reported. A part of the men was armed.

According to the magazine “Arizona Republic”, the protesters wanted to go in the building where the counting of votes will take place. Also asked for the explanation for the alleged irregularities in the polling stations. In social networks there was the fact that the messages allegedly stuffed votes flamastrami were not counted.

The Prosecutor’s office of the Federal government has promised to investigate the Problem. The authorities of the state, assured that everything is taken into account correctly completed cards.

Hello protesters expressed outrage in regard to the reporters of Fox News, which saw the victory of the candidate of the Democratic party, Joe Biden, in this state. TV with stand in the White house, criticized, and even Trump. As the newspaper “Arizona Republic”, according to 22 PM local time (6 p.m. CET), the crowd began to single, but a part of the people still in front of the building.

Similar scenes, there used to be until the middle of the electoral system in Detroit, Michigan. There supporters Trump the insistence tried to be in the building, demanding to come to the observers in the polling stations already on the inside. The people also demanded the termination of the counting of the votes.

The counting of the votes in the state of Arizona attended. After the first Tranche of voters by letter, podliczonych on Wednesday night, advantage Biden cut of approximately 90 to 79 thousand thousand. Votes.

“The employees of the Department of elections, Maricopa County will continue the work of the administration of the elections in the second largest constituency in the constituency. We will publish the results even in this night, according to Plan,” explained the authorities of the County.