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Turtle leather Tube on a beach in Denmark. They found him in the pre-school age

The group of pre-school age children during the walk on the beach in Jutland, faced with a huge turtle. The established the place of the biologists that there is Tube of a leatherback – the largest in the world the turtle lives in the waters of the Pacific ocean off the coast of Mexico.

On dwumetrowego the Danish children turtles in pre-school age natrafiły during the walks on the beach, nature reserve, Vadehavet on the West coast of Jutland. Children изумили, poklepywały Gad, and tried to grass feed.

Children girl reported to nature conservation. In the village, a biologist Frands Soberaa took a look on the Gad and was surprised that this turtle leather Tube. Moreover, that he is dead.

It is amazing that, on the Danish West coast, leatherback affected facility, lives in the waters of the Pacific ocean off the coast of Mexico Soberaa said. He assumes that the turtle was thrown to the beach by the storm that raged in the last days around Scandinavia. Landed a long way from home , he said.

Obdukcja Gad in claim scientists from the national Maritime Museum in Esbjerg must take. You want to determine his age and cause of death.

You need to hurry, because, as reported by the TV, TV2, do not have the appropriate cooling facilities for the storage of such a large animal.

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