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OPPO has developed the strangest folding mobile we’ve seen so far

Foldable phones can be a lot of fun for us in the coming months.

Last update on June 11th, 2020 at 11:46 am

Foldable cell phones are gradually gaining followers and a good proof of this are the recent results from Samsung. The Korean company’s strong commitment to this format has made it a benchmark among consumers, but as we know it is not the only company operating in the field.

Huawei has already launched foldable smartphones and will continue to do so, as does Xiaomi.

who else we have not officially seen in this area is OPPO, but we know he has been working on it for months so this will most likely change in the near future.

This is supposedly OPPO’s first folding phone, although there is no official confirmation.

New strange patent

Weird designs seem to be very popular in the short and medium term. We recently told you our impressions of one of the most atypical cell phones that have passed through our hands, the LG Wing.

We also showed you the atypical design that Huawei patented for a future folding mobile a few days ago, and today we’re bringing you one from OPPO.

In fact, the Chinese company has registered four patents.

In the patents published by the medium of Gizmochina, you can see smartphones folded several times within a single block structure.

Oppo Patent Folding Phones

So are the 4 OPPO patents. About Gizmochina

  • The first patent (top left) shows eight inward-folded blocks with a triple camera on the back of the screen.
  • In the second patent (top right in the picture) you can see a design six blocks and two hinges It can be folded inward in half. In your case, in our opinion, the camera is at the bottom in the front, although the image appears completely blank.
  • The third patent (bottom left) consists of a six-block, two-hinge design. The curiosity is that this design it folds both outside and inside and can be done at the same time, This keeps the phone in a kind of “square”. The camera is located here in the lower outer part.
  • The fourth and final patent (bottom right) consists of eight blocks (most of them) with two fold-out hinges. There are no cameras in this design, leaving room for speculation about a hypothetical camera under the screen.

We don’t expect these phones to hit the market in the coming months, but we can try what to do with these patents it could come in the not too distant future. Tech lovers will have fun.