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Xiaomi rules in Spain and OPPO increases in sales

Chinese cell phone brands are the undisputed favorite of consumers in Spain

Last updated on June 11, 2020 at 1:37 pm

The technological war of brands to conquer the consumer and that their smartphones are the chosen ones continues on its course.

The Samsung leads the world remains undisputed, but its growth rate is much lower than that of other emerging companies like Xiaomi driving at a really dizzying pace (Sales increased 45% compared to 2019, Samsung increased 2%).

In Europe, the behavior is similar, although there is a guest actor on site in the third quarter of the year, who takes more and more steps with increasing force as his devices gain relevance: OPPO. The Chinese company is already that fifth operator selling the most on the continent, A spectacular annual boom of 942% has been added, according to the latest Canalys report.

Xiaomi and OPPO have many reasons to be happy in Spain.

However, that from OPPO is not the only surprise in the western part of the old continent. If his entry into the top 5 is noticeable, it’s just as noteworthy Huawei falls from the podium Something we had all thought of was going to happen sooner or later due to the known incompatibility with Google.

In order to, Xiaomi coincidentally the third largest operator in Europebehind Apple and Samsung.

Fourth place is for Huawei and fifth for the above-mentioned aspiring OPPO.

List of best-selling smartphone brands through Canalys

Top 5 smartphone sellers in Europe. About Canalys.

In Spain they are very fond of Chinese

With regard to the data for Spain, we could apply here a little that “life will go on”, albeit with nuances.

Xiaomi remains an undeniable leader. 34% of smartphone sales in Spain. But that’s not the only good news for the Chinese giant: Your sales have increased by 93% on an annual basis, with the distance to Samsung (second) and Huawei (third) being expanded further.

Now come the nuances. Yes, Huawei is still the third manufacturer to sell the most mobile phones in our country, however His disaster continues downhill and without braking. The brand continues to lose followers and the number of phones sold is down 14% year over year.

And that’s not all the bad news Huawei is about to read about its sales in Spain today. OPPO is delivered with the accelerator pedal fully depressed. Apple is putting itself in market share and it’s already that fourth most common option in the area with 8% of sales.

Mobile sales in Spain

These are the 5 brands that most of the cellphones sell in Spain. About Canalys.