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Travel back in time with this original widget on your Android: install it here

This is a quick and easy way to have one of the best widgets ever.

Last update on 07/11/2020 at 01:02

Past times were better, or so many think. Though cell phones are incredible these days, with scandalous screens, cutting edge processors, and a photographic area that has replaced compact cameras, The truth is that yesterday’s smartphones had something special.

Maybe it’s nostalgia, or maybe the smartphones of the past have more personality. But, Who doesn’t remember HTC and its mythical widget? Well, you know that now you can have it again regardless of your brand and in a really easy way.

Here’s how you can have the mythical HTC widget on your Android phone

The HTC widget, now on every phone

One of the advantages of Android over iOS is Your ability to adjust and edit every detail.

Though every time brands make it more complicated, Android sets a benchmark in terms of its customizable operating system.

Widgets are one of the most popular elements of Android, so even Apple has decided to incorporate them into the new version of its operating system.

Widgets come in all types, sizes, and colors so that you can completely differentiate your phone from other users.

By now, more than one of you will certainly have had an HTC phone. Although the Taiwanese company is not in the best of times today, The truth is that it was the stronghold of Android years ago.

One of the main features was the date, time and temperature widget. something that fortunately we can reinstall quickly and easily on our smartphoneregardless of the phone brand.

All we have to do is install the free Sense Flip Clock & Weather app.

Is about an application that has some widgets Calendar, temperature, clock, all very customizable.

One of these widgets is the HTC mentioned above, which can be placed on any screen. Thanks to this widget, we went back in time In terms of “design” but luckily the specifications of our device will be up to date.