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4 special edition phones inspired by car brands you can buy right now

These special editions are based on cars and are not cheap at all.

Last update on August 11th, 2020 at 7:01 pm

Limited editions. Unique mobile devices that are still traditional smartphones but have different designs, special colors or details that I classify as “special”.

It is usually not an easy task to acquire one of these devices. Not only because brands tend to have few units for sale, but also because they can often only be bought in certain countries The price of these terminals is usually not suitable for all pockets.

If any of you are interested in a “Special Edition” smartphone, We leave you four models inspired by car brands that you will love.

OPPO Find X2 Pro “Lamborghini”

Beautiful, elegant and, above all, expensive

There is no doubt that OPPO is one of the Chinese companies that has grown the most recentlyNot surprisingly, the terminals are very good value for money.

One of the most spectacular phones is the OPPO Find X2 Pro. a terminal with a 6.7-inch screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage.

Now the Chinese company has in their catalog a special edition with Lamborghini, one of the most luxurious car brands in the world.

Inspired by the legendary Aventado VJ Roadster, the price is only 1999 euros, although unfortunately it is currently not in stock.

Lamborghini’s legendary Aventador SVJ Roadster is characterized by excellent performance and cutting-edge aesthetics. From the headlights to the taillights, it embodies the perfection of super sports cars.

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren

The price of the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren can be a bit expensive today

One of the best phones of last year also has its own special edition. It’s the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition, which was still a normal OnePlus 7T Pro, but had a different color pattern and was of course much more expensive.

The price for this beautiful device is 859 euros, slightly increased for a phone 2019 But hey, we’re talking about a special edition that is ideal for lovers of cars and Formula 1.

Huawei Mate 40 Porsche Design

Buddy 40 Porsche

One of the most recent phones also has its own special edition

One of the newest models on the market also has its own special edition. When OPPO teamed up with Lamborghini, The Chinese company has teamed up with Porsche to develop a very special Mate 40.

The phone doesn’t lack anything inside as it has top notch specs. In terms of its design, it has a pretty avant-garde and modern look and of course couldn’t miss the Porsche logo.

Of course, it shares the rest of the features and specifications with the normal model.

What it doesn’t share is its price of 2,200 euros.

So if any of you are interested You can already save.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Aston Martin

We continue with another luxury brand. On this occasion, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, comes together. with the British company Aston Martin.

After the problems with the first model, the South Korean company seems to have learned its lesson and brought us it a much more complete device than its predecessor.

With fairly powerful hardware, a bigger screen, and most importantly, a much more careful design, Samsung has shown that this is the way to go for folding phones.

The most curious? As this Galaxy Z Fold 2 Aston Martin only available in china. A shame