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When can you (really) buy your first roll-up mobile phone?

Are you interested in rolling phones? When can we buy one?

Last updated on 08/11/2020 at 13:01

The development of technology and in particular of the mobile communications market is impressive. If we compare the smartphones from a few years ago with those of today, we see that they have little or nothing to do with it.

5G technology, curved screens, folding screens … and the latest: roll-up phones.

If technologies such as folding walls or 5G are not yet established on the market, When can we “really” buy a roll-up cell phone? Let’s speculate.

When can I buy a roll-up phone?

We don’t know if they will be really useful or just an anecdote. But roller phones are a reality.

At the moment there are only a few brands that have started to work with this technology and that is, if folding screens seemed unnecessary in most situations, roll up screens seem more daunting.

LG is one of the companies most interested in rollable smartphones. The South Korean company that has recently been famous for launching curious phones like the recent LG Wing has confirmed working on a roll-up phone called “Project B”. as reported by the Korean media The Elec.

Such a device would be launched in March 2021 (early next year). Of course either way we want to believe it’s the first version The smartphone won’t be cheap and it will certainly have some problems which won’t make it a best seller.

Something like what happened to the first Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Due to the fact that the first folding phones came out last year, their renovations in 2020 and that they will keep improving in 2021, we believe that This type of device will be practically polished by 2022 and they will be more popular with users.

The same thing happens with rolling phones. Speculate: the first models in 2021, the updates of these and in 2022 Cheaper models can be launched between 2023 and 2024.

Are They Necessary Now? To be honest, it doesn’t have to be convenient to have a rolled-up phone in your pocket.

_And you, when do you think that rolling phones will really become a reality?