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More information on OSOM, the new cellular brand, from the developers of the Essential Phone

The Essential Phone developers are back with a company focused on privacy.

Last updated on November 17th, 2020 at 11:20 am

We talked about OSOM Products Inc back in its day, a new one Start up Created by many people who at the time were under the command of Andy Rubin, one of the fathers of Android, in the failed cell phone company Essential.

Initially, not much was known about this company, which was founded in February of this year. But now, in-house director and former head of Essential R&D Jason Keats wanted to share more information about his new venture, which he says is intended “Reinventing privacy”.

OSOM Products, the new brand from the developers of the Essential Phone.

OSOM Products, the new signature from the developers of the Essential Phone

Although We’ll have to wait until 2021 to see the first products With the OSOM seal, Keats did not hesitate to share his vision with the world.

Offered in an interview CNETOSOM stated that the company, which currently employs a total of nine people, eight of whom are from Essential, has no idea Follow in the footsteps of the company that preceded you.

In fact, it ensures that The main thing was an 80% good ideaThis new company aims to complement that idea with a really interesting product for consumers.

In that sense the idea is Focus on privacyThis gives consumers an option that no longer exists today: to choose What private data is shared with companies and how is it shared?.

OSOM products

The official logo of OSOM Products.

To achieve that, Start up has the idea to start altogether up to eight devices over the next three years, inclusive Smartphones. On this subject he explains that OSOM phones will try to be better value for money than the competitionwithout that means sacrificial features or add-ons. And the fact is that, in Keat’s words, OSOM products are no longer segment-oriented bonus From the market:

We do not target our products to ultra-premium users, we create premium products. We can make money from it thanks to a few more surprises to be announced next year.

In any case, they point out that everything the brand creates is based on privacy. So much so that they strive to become “the number one technology brand associated with data protection in the world”.

But now we have to at least wait until End of 2021 to see the first fruits of this new company. In the meantime, we’ll stay on the official OSOM data protection website.