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Apple has patented a method to extend the life of the Apple Watch battery

We never thought belts could be so useful.

Last update on May 12th, 2020 at 12:18 pm

The Apple Watch is the undisputed leader in the smartwatch market. It’s the most sought-after smartwatch that all other companies’ innovations revolve around.

Many have tried emulate their design, functions or services, But Cupertino’s wearable has remained solid over the years and its updates.

Despite all of this and as with many other market partners, the great burden is The battery life. At full capacity and with all of its features, the truth is that it can be used without disclosure per charge it can’t take much longer than a day. Hence, they are from the bitten apple Look for solutions that will significantly extend the life of the load without penalizing other aspects and according to information from the USA you can be very close to getting it.

A patent that opens up a speculative area

This is the sixth edition of the Apple Smart Watch.

The latest patent filed by Apple shows that the company is intensely looking for solutions to battery problems. So it shows how Apple would consider using the Apple Watch’s strap to place the batteries in.

The idea is very simple: the band itself would have an inner frame with slots for battery cells, which are individually isolated and easily replaced. It is better appreciated in the image below.

Patent Apple Watch batteries

Patent for inserting batteries into the Apple Watch.

The bracelet with the battery would be connected via pins and to the watch would charge wirelessly via induction coils which would be wrapped around one of the elements of the battery.

The patent indicates that this mechanism would work on a rubber strap, although the California company believes it does This concept could be extended to other materials such as metal. To do this, of course, you would have to use a different insulation.

Obviously it’s just a patent and it may not result in a wearable that hits the market. In any case, that’s a sign of that Apple is looking for a way to improve battery life on their smartwatches, although this would limit the user if they opt for third-party bracelets.