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Like it or not, Android phones are about to change thanks to these iPhone 12 innovations

These are the real innovations of the iPhone 12 and the ones that are sure to cause movement in the Android catalog … Do you want to know what they are?

Last update on May 12th, 2020 at 3:01 pm

As long as Apple introduces new iterations of the iPhone Some of us have the same bittersweet feeling, and it is Hype This raises expectations so much that in this case it is difficult to meet with smartphones that ultimately They’re still that, just a couple of smartphones that they are always among the highest quality in the industry.

This year the iPhone 12 was presented in four flavors a great controversy, from a change of those who the Cupertino company loves, very keen to make these kind of strategic moves that Everyone criticizes, but everyone also follows before or after.

It is time to take now, now with time and rested information A look at all of these iPhone 12 innovations beyond discussions, prices and opinions like that boss Redmi, real innovations and that for sure Yes, they will change the whole thing “Smartphone industry” mostly and in particular the Android Mobile catalog. Don’t you want to know what news we’re talking about? Let’s go for her …

As every year, Apple brings us news that will also change Android phones under heavy criticism.

These are the major new features of the iPhone 12 that we will see on Android phones sooner or later

1. Stronger glasses, whether ceramic or not ceramic

In a scenario where differentiation in design was very complicated, Apple wanted something like “Back to the Future” with it these iPhone 12, which are similar to the classic iPhone 5and that they marked the new level in the choice of materials.

Stainless steel for the chassis and a named new glass “Ceramic sign”, announced with great enthusiasm and specially developed for iPhones with Corning, also the father of the new and acclaimed Gorilla Glass Victus.

Apple said that The ceramic glasses are almost indestructibleand while they had problems with scratches – it’s a matter of physics that the greater the impact resistance, the less the marks and scratches – it actually appears that way The future will bring us increasingly resistant glasses to protect our cell phones.

iPhone 12 ceramic shield

This is how Apple advertised its new anti-break shield.

2. Apple ProRAW, or how to get the best picture quality with a mobile phone

The new iPhone 12 in their models ‘Professional’ will have a new technology called ProRAW and what would you like to help us achieve the best photographic and imaging results of the entire mobile communications industry.

Reduces noise, provides better color verification and white balance. simplifies image editing And best of all, it does everything in-house thanks to an iOS update.

3. Cell phones that arrive without a charger or headphones

It has already been discussed at length, the iPhone 12 has introduced the ban on smartphones that are supposed to be sold without a charger or headphones. Samsung itself realized that it was a study and Apple dared to do it before anyone else on Ecology and your bottom line.

The subsequent controversy with the enormously expensive MagSafe Duo, even without a charger, has only intensified A debate that many Android actors laughed at at Apple, but no doubt everyone will soon be sending their phones on with no basic accessories.

4. Video recording in Dolby Vision, 4K and up to 30 fps

It’s another of the great novelties from Apple for the iPhone 12 photo device that is now are able to record videos with Dolby Vision technology native in 4K resolution and up to 30 frames per second. It is good to know Dolby Vision outperforms HDR 10+ because it encodes data dynamically in real time.

This improvement includes Video editing on the iPhone itself, with Dolby Vision preserved with its high dynamic range and its most accurate recordings as well as with a very powerful stabilizer All analysts agreed to praise the moving images.

5. LiDAR sensor to improve augmented reality functions

A few years ago, Google tested this type of technology in Project Tango, and the truth is that Apple has shown that having a LiDAR sensor is useful long later on a smartphone and already when Google canceled the project.

The LiDAR sensor enables the terminal to map its surroundings to understand space almost as a human would Augmented Reality a step further to apply to more practical use cases, not only in leisure time, but also in professional applications or help for relatives.

Measure distances and things, identify objects and their location, prevent the blind from stumbling by helping them move, and so on. will force Android phones to reintegrate the technologies that Google tested with Tango and that they didn’t carve a niche at that time.

iPhone 12 mini

Apple’s “small but beautiful” cell phone, the new iPhone 12 mini, shows the (wrong) way.

6. Heavy duty clamps and smaller sizes

We discussed this topic in greater detail in another article and I am sure I feel that All Android manufacturers have a small high-end if possible with reasonable specifications and results in terms of experience.

It is true that the iPhone 12 mini showed the way these Flagship phones small cutand are reverting to sizes similar to the iPhone 6 with a cell phone with up-to-date features that many are looking for after they have all switched to the large format, but it’s also true that its autonomy is not up to date.

It’s a physical thing When the size is smaller, so is the batteryand the current hardware has a power requirement that makes a small high-end mobile phone unusable because the battery doesn’t last long enough.

It’s just an opinion, but I have no doubt that sooner or later some of this news will spread … What do you think?

Obviously, it’s too early to say that all of these news will hit Android phones sooner or later, however This is my humble opinion of the new and “real” innovations of the iPhone 12 and from which our platform could – and / or should – learn for the future.

I have no doubts about some of them Android smartphones will soon be available without a charger or headphones or even so soon, they will also incorporate LiDAR sensors and the most powerful sensors that Dolby Vision licenses, though it will have to be waited for Late February or early March to hit the new high-end AndroidSo it’s time … What feelings do you have