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The 7 best mid-range mobile phones for Christmas

In the middle is virtue, and these are the best mid-range cell phones you can give for Christmas.

Last update on May 12th, 2020 at 6:01 pm

We have already seen which phones are the best on the market for Christmas and which are the cheapest models to surprise someone this holiday. But maybe you are looking for something more, either for yourself or for someone to give away with a new smartphone.

In this case, we have put together a list for you today the best mid-range phones You can give it away for Christmas at prices between 200 and 400 euros. And no matter how much money you want to spend, we assure you that it will be all fantastic opportunities with which you will undoubtedly surprise your loved ones.

The best mid-range phones to give away for Christmas 2020

OnePlus North

The OnePlus Nord, which we analyzed at the time, is just below the 400 euro mark.

OnePlus North in blue, with four cameras in the back

The back of the OnePlus Nord in blue

Is no longer the cheapest mobile OnePlusBut it is still one of the best value for money smartphones on the market thanks to cutting edge specifications and a very difficult to compare price.

El Nord is the best option if you are looking for one Phone that works quickly and smoothly from the first minute and over the yearsbecause only a few terminals at this price have a 90 Hz screen, a processor as powerful as the Snapdragon 765G and software such as OxygenOS.

It’s good too camera, as it shares a 48 megapixel sensor with the OnePlus 8 and integrates a double front sensor. All at a price from 399 euros.

OnePlus North
Points for and against
In favor of
  • One of the best screens in a cell phone at this price point
  • Performance and experience that only OnePlus can offer
  • Ultra-fast charging, coupled with good autonomy
  • Good main camera
  • A design without too much personality
  • The audio quality leaves a lot to be desired

Xiaomi POCO X3

POCO X3 blue

The POCO X3 in the color “Cobalt Blue”.

He Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC revives the essence of the original POCO F1: a mobile with some of the most advanced specifications on the marketat a simply ridiculous price.

It contains one of the newest Qualcomm chips: the Snapdragon 732Gwith 6 GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of expandable internal storage. In addition, the photographic area offers a comprehensive and balanced experience, as the in-depth analysis shows.

For less than 300 euros there are no cell phones that offer so much POCO X3 NFC. Therefore, our top mid-range phones cannot be left out to celebrate this Christmas.

Points for and against
In favor of
  • Great performance and great autonomy
  • Excellent display with 120 Hz refresh rate
  • The best hardware / price ratio of 2020
  • Photos taken with the additional cameras do not reach the quality level of the main sensor

Best mid-range camera: Pixel 4a

Pixel 4aj camera and back

Pixel 4a, the middle class with the best camera on the market.

The Pixel 4a It is the cell phone to give if the person receiving the gift is passionate about photography.

east little guy Not only does it inherit much of the functionality of Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G, such as: B. the spectacular photo area or the cleanest experience with Android. In addition, it offers you Price of only 389 euros.

In return, we get a terminal Android 10 and updates for at least three years, Snapdragon 730G processor and the photographic range of the Pixel 5 – with the exception of the ultra-wide angle camera – which is known to be one of the best on the market.

In addition, it has a 3,140 mAh battery Offer a fantastic result despite his ability. All in one body extremely compact thanks to its 5.8-inch AMOLED screen with hardly any frame and a small hole in the upper left part of the panel.

Pixel 4a
Points for and against
In favor of
  • One of the best cameras on the market, on a € 389 phone.
  • Nice and extremely comfortable thanks to its compact format.
  • High quality display
  • “Pure Google” experience and updates for three years.
  • No wireless charging or water resistance.

Samsung Galaxy A51

It is not for nothing that this terminal has once again become the world’s best-selling Android mobile phone this year. The Galaxy A51 is a terminal complete, balanced and available at a price that is difficult to resist.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 has A photographic system that works well in a variety of situations thanks to its quadruple rear view camera with a 48 MP main sensor. On the front we can see a hole in the upper middle part where the 32 MP front camera is located.

We finish with this terminal’s other strengths, its autonomy. Thanks to its capacity of 4,000 mAh with 15 W fast charge, Samsung Galaxy A51 battery lasts until the end of the day even on the most demanding daysand reaches 7 hours of screen.

Samsung Galaxy A51
Points for and against
In favor of
  • It’s beautiful, comfortable, and well built.
  • The quality of the screen is beyond dispute.
  • Because of its autonomy, you can not worry.
  • The performance is very fair.
  • The everyday experience leaves a lot to be desired.

The best Xiaomi middle class: Redmi Note 9 Pro

Redmi Note 9 Pro

Since arriving at the beginning of the year Redmi Note 9 Pro was one of the Xiaomi phones most recommended in the middle range. And of course it’s a perfect gift for this Christmas.

It has a Snapdragon 720G with 4 or 6 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of storage, depending on which model you prefer. As for the screen, we’re talking about a very good one 6.67-inch IPS panel with Full HD + resolution There is a hole in the upper center where the 16 MP front camera is located.

Autonomy is guaranteed with the 5020 mAh battery This integrates this Redmi Note 9 Pro with a fast charge of up to 18W. The photographic range is pretty complete too, adding a quad rear camera with a 48 MP main sensor, an 8 MP ultra wide sensor, a 5 MP macro sensor, and a 2 MP depth sensor to the aforementioned front camera got to.

Finally, the mid-range phone from Xiaomi completes the technical sheet with a side fingerprint reader and Mini-jack for 3.5mm headphones without overlooking it The operating system is MIUI 11 based on Android 10and very soon you will enjoy Android 11 thanks to MIUI 12. And all at a price of almost 200 euros.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro
Points for and against
In favor of
  • The Snapdragon 720G processor promises good gaming performance.
  • Great autonomy.
  • We could ask for an even more powerful fast charge.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite

Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite

The Mi 10T Lite, one of the best Xiaomi phones in 2020.

Only a mobile phone can compete with the POCO X3 in terms of price-performance ratio and is part of the Xiaomi catalog.

The Mi 10T Lite is one of those phones that mark a before and after all year round as it has some of them best properties seen on an Android phone this year, at a simply ridiculous price of around 250 euro.

In return, this cell phone offers one Display with 120 Hz refresh rate, a camera system that surprises with its excellent image quality, and one of the latest 5G processors from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 750G.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite, points for and against
In favor of
  • A very good display at 120 Hz.
  • Great performance and 5G at a reduced price thanks to the Snapdragon 750G.
  • Photo area above that of his rivals.
  • MIUI may not be the most suitable software for everyone.

Realme 7

Realme 7

The Realme 7 refines many aspects of the previous Realme 6.

The Realme 7 is likely The best phone you can give this Christmas for less than 200 euros if what you’re looking for is a terminal for Gaming.

Because it has an excellent one smooth 90Hz displayThis offers a very good experience when it comes to playing games yourself with the best mobile graphics thanks to the performance of the MediaTek Helio G80 processor.

Realme 7, points for and against
In favor of
  • A comfortable and pleasant design.
  • An immersive and smooth screen.
  • Great performance and excellent autonomy.
  • Realme’s user interface is evolving but needs improvement.