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The December Android update is now available for download. This is the news

The December Android update is now available: discover the news and the phones it can be installed on.

Last updated on 07/12/2020 at 20:10

Although some companies like Samsung were before him, Google has decided to stick with its usual schedule and wait until the first Monday in December to release it Security patch for this last period, along with the security bulletin that contains the vulnerabilities that have been corrected in the past few weeks.

The December 2020 security update is available for All Google Pixels with the exception of the 2016 and Google Pixel 2 models. Owners of the rest of the Pixel series, including the current Pixel 5, can Download the update and install it on their phones.

In this case, it is a Pixel Feature Drop update as it introduces feature changes and new features that are exclusive to the Pixel series phones.

Google released December Android Update

The December 2020 security update is now available for download.

Those who don’t want to wait for the OTA to arrive on their phone can proceed with the manual installation of the OTA file, which corresponds to the December patch released by Google.

On the other hand, the security bulletin lists them all Vulnerabilities that have been fixed with this update, categorized according to the level of threat they posed to the platform. In addition, as I indicated earlier, several Specific performance improvements for Pixel phones.

He December 2020 Android security patch It will be released gradually via OTA over the next few hours and will gradually reach compatible models. However, it is already possible Download the appropriate update packages for each deviceto perform the manual installation either from the OTA file or from the factory image of each terminal:

The exclusive news comes to the Pixel

One of the great news about this update is the fact that many of the new features of the Pixel 5 They are now available for older models of the Pixel series.

Among them we find them extreme energy saving mode, The possibility of Screen sharing through Google Duo in group calls and changes in the Google photos editor.

In terms of the new features, we found one adaptive sound mode that you use the device’s microphones to Detect ambient audio and adjust the speakers so that the more suitable sound under all circumstances.

In addition, Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 now have a Much more accurate GPS Walk.

On the other hand, Google Lens will now be able to Translate text from websites or applications from the open application menu of the system.

The update will also be introduced Improvements to existing functions as the adaptive battery. A is added to this function adaptive charging function This learns from the user’s usage patterns in order to extend the battery life limits the charging power when the terminal is charged overnight.

Likewise the Connectivity of these two cell phones is also improved by the adaptive connectivity, a function that the system enables Choose an LTE or 5G network automatically based on the application used to offer a increased speed or stability as necessary.

Finally, Google announces Functional improvements Is currently running, that now gives the possibility of Export the identified songs to YouTube Music.