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Do you remember 7 mobile brands that disappeared from the market in just a few years?

A long time ago everyone was talking about these brands, now nobody remembers them.

Last updated on December 12th, 2020 at 7:07 pm

One of the advantages of Android phones over their direct competition, Apple’s iPhone, is the immense product catalog that is available to us.

That means, regardless of our taste, the use of the smartphone and especially the purchasing power we have, There is an Android smartphone for each of us.

It also means that there are hundreds of brands of Android smartphones in the market. Some famous ones like Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei and others not so well known. There are also brands that have been fundamental pillars in the history of Android and whose presence in the market today is anecdotal. Do you remember all


The HTC One M8 is one of the most beautiful smartphones

We started with one of the most important brands in the Android scene and without it We couldn’t understand the current success of this operating system.

Despite all the good things HTC has given Android and the great terminals produced, The current state of the Taiwanese company is rather complicated to the point that on more than one occasion it has been rumored that the company is about to disappear entirely.


Sony Xperia 5 II camera

Regardless, Sony phones are really cool

The Japanese company is another brand that made Android so popular. While your situation is not the same as HTC’s, The truth is, Sony’s mobile division is not going through its prime.

A few months ago the president of Sony Mobile gave a full interview on the company’s future and although the sales figures do not match, Everything indicates that we’ll have Sony phones for a while.


Blackberry priv

Before Android became the most widely used mobile operating system, one company ruled the world of smartphones with an iron hand. BlackBerry was born as a company for business people and soon became a sought-after brand for millions of teenagers around the world.

The problem came with the disruption of Android, and most importantly, BlackBerry’s inability to adapt to the new needs of consumers, which led to its demise and, virtually, its disappearance. The company decided to go with Android too late and now nobody remembers it.


Surely more than one of you will not know LeEco, but it was from one of the loudest Chinese companies a few years ago. Before the arrival of companies like Xiaomi or Realme, who popularized Chinese phones to unexpected limits, this market was a lottery.

LeEco stood out for its “interesting” service terminals at really competitive prices. However, LeEco succumbed to the above companies and it is really complicated to stand out in the low or medium range market today.


Acer Liquid Jade display

The Acer Liquid Jade, beautiful outside, uninteresting inside …

Acer is one of the most famous computer companies, and while you may not know it, it has also tried to break into the wireless market. As a big bulge in 24enews, we had to analyze some of its devices, such as the Acer Liquid Jade, with not very satisfactory results.

What would be said. Companies like Xiaomi or Realme rule the mid / low-end market, so dealing with these brands is very complicated. Of course, Acer didn’t get it.


Before Chinese companies became known outside their borders, Meizu was one of the most powerful companies in the industry. Meizu, originally known for its MP3 and MP4 players, is unlike Xiaomi I never knew how to connect with the audience.

The result? As one of the most promising companies in the industry remain in absolute oblivion.


Something similar happened with ZTE with Meizu. A company that made promises but failed to take advantage of its initial success. We all know the story. Xiaomi came and finished all competitions.