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Samsung Galaxy A20s vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, which option is better?

Two of the most popular mid-range phones in detail: We compared the Redmi Note 7 with the Samsung Galaxy A20s.

Last updated on December 14th, 2020 at 9:01 pm

They may not be the latest from their respective brands, but both the Samsung Galaxy A20S and Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 continue to top the popularity charts within the Mid-range Androidthanks to the combination of solvent properties and a relatively low price.

So much so that there can still be someone today I still don’t know which of the two models to choose. Therefore we want in this comparison Highlight the main differences between themand help you to decide on your next purchase.

Samsung Galaxy A20s versus Redmi Note 7, comparing two of the most popular phones in the middle range.

Design and screen: glass versus plastic and a winning screen

Although they are two devices with similar prices, each brand has made a choice proceed a little differently How to create your terminals.

Starting with the construction materialsWe find huge differences when we see them The Galaxy A20s is made of plastic in its entirety, while the Xiaomi model Go for glass for the back and for the plastic for the sides.

That doesn’t mean the Galaxy A20s is worse: after all Plastic is more impact-resistant than glass of the Redmi Note 7.

In any case, the most important difference in this regard is in the screen. Although the Korean model is greater -6.5 inches vs 6.3-, has a lower resolutionbecause it stays in HD + while that of the Redmi Note 7 becomes Full HD +. In both cases we find a teardrop-shaped notch at the top of each panel.

So, In this section we have to declare the Redmi Note 7 the winner. The LCD screen, while not the best in its class, is good enough surpass the Galaxy A20s.

Cameras: two sensors, better than three?

The Galaxy A20s has that three reversing cameras and the Redmi Note 7 with only two does not mean that the Xiaomi model is inferior in this regard.

Indeed, it will come as a surprise to many to know that the Redmi model is used on a daily basis offers a better photo experience Thanks to its 48 megapixel main sensor that can capture higher quality images than the galaxy’s 13 megapixel sensor.

However, it is clear that The Samsung phone offers greater photographic versatility with the inclusion of a Ultra wide angle lenswho have favourited Xiaomi Cell Phone.

So if it concerns you have a good camera all terrain with which you can take good photos under practically all circumstancesThe one on the Redmi probably offers a better experience. Instead, when you are satisfied with one slightly lower sensor in terms of quality, in exchange for the ability to capture images from a different perspective that Samsung Mobile be for you.

In addition, in the case of Sensor for selfieslet’s meet again with one superior result in the case of the Redmi Note 7 in most cases.

Battery life and performance: same battery, different performance

With 4,000 mAh battery capacity Both models offer first-class autonomyalthough it is already possible to find models that outperform both in this regard.

Where there are more differences in everyday life, see the section of the performance. In this case the Xiaomi phone offers a better overall experience thanks to the use of a more powerful processor than the Samsung.

Processor and memory: a clear winner

Speaking of the processor, we’ll find one Snapdragon 450 on the Galaxy A20s and a Snapdragon 660 in the Redmi Note 7. The first is designed to bring life to low-end terminals, while the second has been used in mid-range terminals, the prices of which are higher than those of these two models.

In both cases we have to be satisfied 3 GB RAM in its simplest version, a number that may appear a bit rare in mid-2020. Fortunately, the Xiaomi 3GB RAM model was only intended for some markets, and in most regions for them Version with 4 GB memory.

For both models it must be said that both have the option Expand memory via microSD card.

The Redmi Note 7 in black.

The Redmi Note 7 in black.

Connectivity: the standard for the midrange

Don’t expect too many differences or surprises when it comes to those Connectivity of this pair of mid-range cell phones.

Both have 4G, USB Type C, dual-band WLAN, Bluetooth –4.2 in the Samsung and 5.0 in the Xiaomi and FM radio. However, it is necessary to mention a Data for it of the Galaxy A20s, and it is that it is the only one of the two models NFC for mobile payments. If you choose the Xiaomi, You can’t use Google Pay or another mobile payment service.

Other features: nothing new under the sun

As with most terminals in this category, the rest of the details that complete the technical sheet are quite conventional.

We have a rear fingerprint reader on both devices as well as with 3.5 mm headphone jack or the possibility of Unlock the phone with our face with the front camera.

In terms of software, as of today, both have devices Android 10and only Samsung seems to intend to wear it Android 11 on your device. Of course we have to Wait until August 2021.

Samsung Galaxy A20s vs Redmi Note 7, which is better?

At this point it seems clear that The two devices belong to different ranges even if the price is similar. The Galaxy A20s could well be classified as Low-end cell phonewhile the Redmi Note 7 is still something old, It’s a middle class with all the laws.

Day after day, These two models offer much better optionswithout leaving the catalogs of both brands. But if we had to stick to either of these two terminals, without a doubt they would Redmi Note 7 it would be our chosen one.