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Google and Qualcomm are jointly securing Android updates for four years

Android phones updated for four years: Google is working with Qualcomm to make this possible.

Last updated on December 16, 2020 at 7:38 pm

Google has decided to take action regarding updates to Android. Really this time. And he did it hand in hand Qualcomm, to ensure, that Android devices can receive system updates for four years.

Thanks to measures taken in recent years such as Project heightsWith Google, manufacturers have been able to significantly optimize the process of developing and distributing new versions of their software. This way you sign as Samsung and Google They were able to secure system updates for their devices for three years.

However, thanks to the collaboration with Qualcomm, this is planned extend this support to four years regarding system updates and security.

Four years of updates for Android devices with Qualcomm processors

Android 10 and Android 11, two of the newest versions of Android.

Android 10 and ANd

The press release published by Qualcomm indicates that the solution developed by Google is to allow manufacturers Update your devices without changing chipset-specific software Assemble each terminal.

It is logical to take this measure Only devices based on Qualcomm Snapdragon platforms benefit from this. With that in mind, Qualcomm states that the first terminals to benefit from this advancement will be the ones with a Snapdragon 888 chip.

Speaking of heights, that was undoubtedly the one Change in Android architecture That made this development possible thanks to Google’s idea of modularize the operating system Division of the platform into different modules that can be updated individually.

In technical terms, it is stated that Google has extended the so-called “non-retroactive principle” of Project Treble to processors. This is: Requirements for the Linux kernel version and hardware abstraction layer –HAL– won’t be retroactive to devices, so A processor with drivers for Android 11 can support up to Android 14, over Android 12 and 13 with the same software implementation Manufacturer.

In this way, reduce the associated costs to the need to update each processor’s software to work in each new version of Android, and to allow manufacturers to support their processors for longer.

This change will occur in by default All devices with Android 11 released and higher versions. And although Google has decided not to make the rule of extending the support period for manufacturers to at least four years mandatory There is a possibility to do soand it’s only a matter of time before brands embrace this initiative.