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Coronavirus tracking apps don’t work well. What is happening?

COVID-19 contagion tracking apps no longer function properly worldwide due to a bug discovered in Android.

Last updated on January 13, 2021 at 3:04 pm

A error In the Android exposure notification system developed by Google in collaboration with Apple, this appears to have an impact on the operation of the Applications to track COVID-19 infections around the world. As stated in The edge, Google is Urgent investigation into the cause of this problembecause it seems to work equally All applications who use the exposure reporting system around the world.

Android device users from countries like Welsh and England were among the first to recognize this problem as an application Data cannot be loaded needed to work. However, it seems that the bug affects equally all applications offered by health authorities in their respective versions for Android.

Radar COVID app for Android.

Android coronavirus tracking apps no longer work properly

If we remember, it was last April when Apple and Google announced their alliance with the goal of creating a unique system that would allow organizations in each country to do so Develop applications which can be used to try to track the infections and hopefully stop them to some extent **¿ of COVID-19. That’s what this is for Bluetooth technology.

In Android this system was introduced under the name Exposure reportsand applications like COVID radar are based on this technology with the aim of notifying users when a close contact with an infected person.

Though unknown What’s the mistake? Google claims that applications of this type are no longer working properly Your engineers are working to end the problem urgently. Apparently this is causing the problem Exposure controls for apps take longer to load or run which are usually done frequently.

We trust Google will find it in the end Source of errorand get a solution asap.