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They create a laboratory cell phone virus that simulates the spread of COVID-19

This study will allow a more detailed analysis of the spread of COVID-19 in order to minimize the infection rate.

Technology enables us to study in a laboratory how viruses behave and this has been done by a number of researchers from the United States and Australia through the Creation of a mobile virus that analyzes the spread of COVID-19.

This virtual virus simulates the spread of COVID-19

This virtual virus spreads between mobile devices via Bluetooth

As colleagues from Android Authority tell us, a team of researchers has created a virtual virus called Safe blues it spreads like the coronavirus.

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This virus was created through a joint work of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of the United States (MIT) and the Universities of Queensland and Melbourne of Australia.

Safe blues Uses a bluetooth signal to transfer tokens between mobile devicesThis mimics the spread of COVID-19, but in a way that protects privacy in real time. This means that every infected terminal can infect another via bluetooth for a limited time, but for as long Both cell phones are close to each other.

According to its creators, this study will allow us to take a closer look at the way the coronavirus is spreading, which is contributing to it Calculate the degree of infection of the virus in real timeto receive something that will allow governments and health agencies to receive Solutions for this spread much faster.

This study has shown the importance of social distancing to prevent the virus from spreadingIf an infected phone is far from other terminals, it cannot transmit the virus to them.

This research team created an Android application that they can use to know the infection status of the devices and also to count the infections that occur.

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It is important to remember the importance of Clean the screen of our smartphone to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as it can survive in it for up to a month and you also have the option of activating the so-called “Coronavirus mode” in Google Maps to be aware of this positive cases in your geographic area.

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