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the car keys on your cell phone

Google wants you to carry your car keys, ID, and even your cryptocurrency wallet on your phone and even on your smartwatch.

At the moment we can already carry both the DNI and the driver’s license on our mobile phone, but Google wants you to be able to carry your car or house keys thanks to Android Ready SE.

With Android Ready SE we can leave the keys and wallet at home

Android Ready SE: What It Is and What It Will Do.

In 2018, Google introduced a security module called Titan M. This has preserved the privacy of our data and also protected us from external attacks, and Korean manufacturer Samsung did the same last year. on your Galaxy S20.

What is and what is the Titan M security chip contained in the Pixel 3?

Given the enormous fragmentation in Android, Google has just announced an alliance with Secure Element (SE) providers Android Ready SEto make all Android smartphones more secure.

The main goal of this alliance is to ensure the security of our keys through a Tamper-proof key storage This enables us to use our mobile terminal as follows:

  • ON digital key of our car, our house or our office.
  • A mobile documentation system with which we can access ours ID, passport and driver’s license.
  • A wallet or digital wallet of our cryptocurrencies.
These are the main features of Android Ready SE

These are the main features of Android Ready SE

The American giant has confirmed that most of the latest smartphones You already have this hardware to protect our dataTo accelerate the deployment of this technology on a larger number of devices, Google has partnered with Secure Element (SE) providers to develop a range of devices Open source appletsthat are now ready to use, with the aim of getting both businesses and manufacturers to integrate them into their applications as quickly as possible.

We have to remember that having a digital key for our car is nothing new, as both the iPhone and Apple Watch with iOS 14 have been able to do so since last year. open and close certain BMW models with a simple touch, using NFC technology and Apple’s own security hardware.

A technology that will not only be available on smartphones

However, Google does not want this functionality to be limited to a mobile device, but rather that it can be used on all types of devices. Because of this, Google has announced that these open source applets will also be compatible with these Android TV, Android Auto, and even Wear OSThis means that in the future we will only be able to securely open the car with our smartwatch.

They accuse Google of spying on you even when incognito mode is activated

The American giant has confirmed that various Android device manufacturers are already implementing Android Ready SE in their products, and it is expected that this technology will be available in the near future available to a vast majority of users.

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