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Best sudoku games for mobile: free, complete and difficult

Become the king of the Sodukus with some of the best games for Android.

Looking for the best Sudoku game for Android? Then you have come to the right place. If you are a fan of this addicting math game from Japan, you will surely want to enjoy it from the comfort of your phone. That is why we are going to introduce you today Top 8 Sudoku Games for Mobile: There are free, complete, and difficult titles.

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Although Sudoku was invented in the late 1970s, it became popular in Japan in the 1980s and gained international fame in 2005 when numerous newspapers started publishing it in their hobby department. However, you no longer have to buy a newspaper to play the best sudokus of the moment. You can do this from your phone using any of the games in the list below!

The best 8 sudokus to play on your Android

Free Sudoku

A game of traditional sudoku game for Android that will help you improve and practice. Here all you need to do is complete the traditional objective of the game: fill a grid of 9 × 9 cells (81 squares) divided into 3 × 3 sub-grids (called boxes or blocks) with the numbers 1 through 9.

In Free Sudoku you can start from the beginner level and develop into an experienced player. The game has many levels so you will notice an increase in difficulty over time. In addition, the game offers daily challenges that will delight you day in and day out.

Microsoft Sudoku

Relax and keep up to date with Microsoft Sudoku. Play the puzzles you love in 6 levels of difficulty. Perhaps the best Suduku for Android for that elegant, clean and intellectually stimulating. Play in your spare time and enjoy an endless variety of unique classic Sudoku games.

Microsoft Sudoku has a completely new version, but the rules are the same The blocks have irregular shapes. If you try, you may never go back to classic gameplay. On the other hand, you have the chance to play 3 unique challenges every day to collect coins and earn badges. A high quality Soduku!

Andoku 3

Andoku 3 is one of the best Sudoku games for Android. This title contains a simple design, unlimited undo and redo functions, a support function in case you get stuck. As if that wasn’t enough, it has cloud sync in case you switch devices.

The game supports nine difficulties, has tutorials, support for color sudoku and game statistics. The free version has ads and the pro version doesn’t. If you want a simple but complete Sudoku game at the same time, Andoku 3 will enchant you.

Sudoku from Brainium Studios

Sudoku Brainium

Brainium Studios is a Google Play developer with one of the most convenient and fun Soduku mobile games. It has tons of puzzles and is advertised as a learning tool rather than a standalone game.

Brainium Studios Sudoku features dark mode, unlimited undo and redo. Landscape and Portrait View Modes, Some Themes, and Five Difficulties. Like most, the free and premium versions, minus the advertising, are the same in the pro version.

Conceptis multisudoku

As the name suggests, Conceptis Multisudoku specializes in placing multiple Sudokus in a single game. You have to play here Up to five grids per puzzle, multiple levels of difficulty and a puzzle library that is constantly updated with new content.

In Conceptis Multisudoku Most of the puzzles are free, but there are some that you have to pay for. However, you don’t have to spend a single dollar if you want to have a lot of fun with this sudoku game for Android.

Sudoku puzzle

Sudoku puzzle

Sudoku Puzzle ** is the ideal Sudoku game for people who have never played it, as it offers tips and tricks for solving the first Sudoku puzzles. Thanks to this, you can improve and improve your skills in order to complete and improve them.

We’re talking about a sudoku game for Android with lots of levels for you to know Test everything you learn day in and day out. And while the graphics are pretty simple, the gameplay is really addicting.

Sudoku epic

Sudoku epic

Sudoku Epic is a game that is characterized by five different modes. In addition to the classic 9 × 9, There are other options like 6 × 6 and one where you play with letters instead of numbers. As you must imagine, this is an epic sudoku experience.

This free game on Google Play is much more than the classic Sudoku game of your life. Have you been looking for a different sudoku puzzle that remains true to the original? Then it will meet your expectations.

Free classic sudoku

free classic sudoku

Classic Sudoku is a Soduku game for Android that has 4 difficulties: easy, medium, difficult and competent. That is why we are talking about a perfect title for both beginners and the most experienced in the world of Sudoku.

There are daily challenges in this sudoku game that you can use to collect trophies. It also has an advisory system and even allows you to customize the user interface using themes. Another ideal game for lovers of classic Sudoku.

The three best websites for online puzzles

On the other hand, we invite you to see these apps to relax your mind with your phone. And if you got stuck on a certain level, better check out these apps for solving sudokus with your Android.

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