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How to open iCloud on an Android phone

iCloud receives native support for Android mobile web browsers. Follow the steps to enter from your cell phone.

Do you want to know how? Access to iCloud from Android? Discover them all iCloud functions you can handle that and how to open the service on an Android phone with a very simple trick.

iCloud is he similar service to Google Drive which works as a storage service of the bitten apple apple. Since its introduction in October 2011, it has been responsible for Maintenance, protection and updating in the cloud All of your photos, videos, and files.

Logically, it is possible to access them where, when and from the place you prefer and like him Google hosting service has free and paid plans. The only difference between iCloud and Google Driveis that the Apple service does not have a mobile app for Android.

However, Apple has been working clandestinely for a few months, so native iCloud support works in conjunction with mobile browsers, both Android and iOS. Adjustment of the operation with 4 of the most popular sections (Find photos, notes, reminders and iPhone).

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And while there are still shortcomings, we hope that over time all issues can be resolved, especially with the Notes app and photo uploading.

If you are one Apple users and you want to access your iCloud files from a computer or device iOS and AndroidJust follow the steps below.

Here’s how you can access iCloud from Android

Below is the procedure that you need to follow Enter your iCloud account from a device with the Android operating system. In addition, we are going to share with you the details of some of the features available since, as mentioned earlier Manzana only managed to activate four.

iCloud receives native support for Android mobile web browsers

  • Enter in the Chrome browser from your Android mobile device.
  • Enter the address of the official iCloud page.
  • Enter your Apple ID. This is done to verify your identity.
  • The system immediately sends your Apple device a 6-digit confirmation code.
  • Place the code on the Android phone and you’re done. If you follow these steps you can Access to iCloud from Android.

Now we’ve done some tests of the features and they turned out pretty good, but occasionally they have bugs. If you want to know what they are, don’t stop reading.

Active features of the new native iCloud support for Android browsers


This is one of the Best features Apple was able to activate for Android devices. All of yours are stored in it iCloud Photo Library, makes it easy to consult albums and options like delete, Add, download, Copy links, Share and even give photos “I like”. Doesn’t admit “for now” Upload photos.


Photos are one of the best features Apple has available for Android, for both Android and iOS

Find the iPhone

As the name suggests, the function takes care of it Find all Apple devices in time and space that you have synced with your Apple ID and its entire ecosystem. it is possible View teams from a map, check the device battery or change the option to “Lost Mode”.

Find the iPhone

Find iPhone is one of the iCloud features enabled for Android and iOS

Notes and reminders

You can Create notes and see what you’ve synced so far. You can also Add notes and remindersChange the configuration of the reminders and edit them as often as you want to see them later from your computer iPhone, iPad or Mac.

However, the section to share notes is not checked and shows the strange error when trying to delete notes.

ICloud Notes and Reminders for Android

Synced iCloud Notes and Reminders Available for Android and iOS

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Finally, think about that iCloud for Android is still in his Beta phaseIn the next few days we will be able to see some updates. If you enjoyed this article, check out how to use Google Photos to transfer photos from iCloud to Android.

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