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This virus pretends to be a system update on your smartphone

This virus promises to update your smartphone’s operating system.

While Android is the most popular mobile operating system, it is not without glitches or problems. One of them is that many of their mobile devices do not receive any security updates or patches, leaving them vulnerable within a few months of being launched. The other, The number of malware-laden apps that we can install on these devices.

That is why we have to be very careful when using a smartphone. Check permissions when installing an app and always try to download it from the Play Store or official sources. But, What do we do when the threat is “disguised” as a system update?

This virus pretends to be a system update

Android 12, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system.

The security company Zimperium has discovered new malware for Android. Without the why, this would really be nothing new The modus operandi of this virus is different from the previous ones.

Instead of dressing up as an app, He tries to deceive us by updating the operating system. It is possible that many users will distrust an unknown app, but who will do it with an Android update?

This trojan is quite dangerous as it steals data from our deviceincluding browsing audio recordings and phone calls. But how is it installed?

After downloading it on our mobile device This app creates a notification that warns us that an update is available for our smartphone. Once installed, the virus registers every corner of our device to steal any data of interest. And yes, when we have WhatsApp, it stores huge amounts of data from that application.

In order to protect ourselves from this problem, we not only have to be very careful when navigating with our smartphone, but we also need to use common sense. Never download any applications that promise to update our mobile device to the latest Android update as this is just a scam.

Miracles don’t exist and if a brand hasn’t released an official update, A random app downloaded from the internet won’t do this.

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