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According to a study, Google extracts 20 times more data from Android than Apple does from iOS

Google has challenged the results of this study.

Privacy is an issue that More and more users of mobile devices are affected, both Android and iOS, due to the large number of Information that emerges from the data you collect Google and Apple.

With that in mind, it should be noted that the company has been based in Mountain View for some time has stepped up measures to protect our privacy like the announcement that browsing history will no longer be consulted to show us advertisements.

But in the meantime we keep getting this kind of mixed news A group of users sued Google for “spying on us” even when incognito mode is activated.

For its part, since the end of last year, Apple has tightened its data protection guidelines for applications in the App Store the use of privacy labels.

But now a recent study shows that Google collects 20 times more data from Android than Apple does from iOSwhich the company of the largest search engine in the world has already confirmed would you disagree.

Google collects a lot more data from its users than Apple does

This is all of the data that both Google and Apple collect

Thanks to colleagues at Ars Technica, we had access to a study by Douglas Leith, a researcher at Trinity College in Ireland, in the analyzes the data that Google and Apple have collected from their users thanks to iOS and Android.

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Leith made his measurements with a Google Pixel 2 with Android 10 and an iPhone 8 with iOS 13.6.1 Measure the amount of data these devices have collected in the following situations::

  • At the first start after a factory reset.
  • When a SIM.
  • If there was a phone inactive.
  • When the screen of frame.
  • When was the place activated or deactivated.
  • When the user is signed in to Appstore pre-installed.

The result of these measurements was that both iOS and Android transmit telemetry data to their owners, even if A user is not logged in or if he has configured his device in such a way that this data is not shared. Both mobile operating systems send data to Google and Apple when a person completes tasks as simple as possible Insert a SIM card or navigate through the settings of your mobile device. Indeed, when our smartphone is inactive, this connects to your backend server every 5 minutes.

Both Google and Apple collect data from their users via iOS and Android

Both Google and Apple collect data from their users via iOS and Android

It’s not just the operating system that collects our data, but also The applications pre-installed on our mobile phone do thiseven if these apps have not been opened or used. Initially, iOS automatically sent data from to to Apple Siri, Safari and iCloudwhile Android did the same with Chrome, YouTube, Google Docs, Safety Hub, Google Messenger, the device clock, and the Google search bar.

Based on this information, this study indicates that Google collects up to 20 times more data from its users than iOS and for it is supported by the following data::

  • When we first launch a mobile terminal, Android sends Googe around 1 MB of data while iOS only sends Apple 42 KB data.
  • When the smartphone is idle, Android sends 1MB of data to Google every 12 hourswhile iOS only sends Apple 52 KB In the same period.
  • In the US, Android collects around 1.3 TB of data every 12 hours, an amount reduced to in the case of iOS 5.8 GB.

Google disagrees with this study and explains why

Apple’s idea of ​​protecting your privacy is the best we’ve seen in a long time. This idea from Apple …

In response to this investigation, a Google spokesman has indicated that there are Methodological error in this study for measuring the volume of data and that they therefore do not agree with their conclusions. It is also alleged that the collection of data is carried out by an operating system a basic function of every device connected to the Internet, as updating the software of the same allows the services to work correctly and that The mobile phone is safe and works efficiently.

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