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Does your smartphone have less than 100 GB of storage space? It’s below average

The memory of mobile devices is increasing.

Fortunately, many years ago we stopped having mobile devices with only 8 or 16 GB of storage. At the time, installing and updating apps was an impossible task, and that is that most of the time we got the following message: “The storage space on your mobile device is full”.

Nowadays mobile devices have a lot more internal storage. Add to this the cloud services, which are essential for those who work with hundreds of heavy documents such as photos or high-resolution videos. How much memory does your device have? If it’s less than 100GB then you need to know that you are below average.

100 GB storage? Few seem to me!

Android smartphones have more and more storage space

According to a new report from the renowned analyst firm Counterpoint The average storage space of smartphones in 2020 exceeded 100 GB for the first time. This means that fortunately we have more and more memory in both the low and medium and high ranges.

While the average of the iOS terminals is 141 GB, Android is almost 96 GB. The strangest thing is that while the iPhone’s memory continues to stagnate, Android phones have increased it by almost 22% over the past year. On the other hand, Android devices set their horizon at 1,000 GB, Apple doesn’t seem to want to go beyond 512 GB.

The positive point that Android phones keep increasing in memory is that the low-end devices keep getting better. While cheap terminals with at least 128 GB occupied 25% of the market in 2019, in 2020 they reached almost 40%. In contrast, devices with 256 GB have grown to almost 10%.

There’s no question that the more internal storage there is on a mobile device, the better. Applications and games are getting heavier, new apps and tools are appearing more and more, and photos and videos are taking up more space due to their higher quality. Hence Android devices Every time they hit the market with a larger number of GB it is positive for the consumer.

We’ll see if that positive growth in Android devices can also be seen in iOS. While there is a difference here, it is more profitable for Apple to have its users set iCloud than starting iPhones with larger storage. It’s the market friends.

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