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Saint Seiya, the Knights of the Zodiac in Spain, comes to the popular MMO Lords Mobile

Download Lords Mobile now and get the new hero Seiya completely for free!

Today I present to you Lords Mobile, A friend Strategy and RPG MMO Developed by IGG in which players face each other to upgrade their settlements and fight epic battles.

During the five years of his life Lords Mobile It has grown beautifully and has added a variety of improvements and new content to attract millions of players around the world. Now it is preparing to celebrate his first collaboration event with one of the most famous IPs in the manga and anime universe.

5 years of life Lords Mobile

This license is none other than Holy Seiya, better known in Spain as Knights of the Zodiac, a work created in 1985 by Masami Kurumada, which, as many of you know, is inspired by the star constellations of Greek mythology and which tells us the adventure of a group of young people who dress in powerful armor and fight against the evil that the Reincarnation of the goddess Athena.

An event with Pegasus Seiya as the protagonist

Not only have we had success in the worlds of manga and anime for the past 30 years, we’ve seen how Holy Seiya has entered the world of video games, both with his own work and with collaborations like the one that will star in the work with Lords Mobile.

Pegasus Seiya

Thanks to this collaboration, we’ll see how Pegasus Seiya will appear in Lords Mobile like a hero Players can control and discover Seiya a Limited edition lock skin, an exclusive shield skin and more in-game, which you can download for iOS, Android, Amazon devices and PC from this link.

Not only that! ALL players who connect to Lords Mobile or download the game while working together from the link above You will get the hero Seiya completely free to use it in battles. Do not miss!

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