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So enable “Look Ahead” on your Android phone to be safer

Your mobile phone can prevent accidents if you use the mobile phone while walking. This is how you can activate the “Look Ahead” option.

Google added a new option to the collection of Digital wellbeing tools from Android, called “Look Ahead”. It’s one of the strangest and most useful features that this includes Hotel room of tools as it can even save your life.

“Looking ahead” is a function that is capable of doing this Notify users when they are using the cellphone while walking down the streetto avoid possible accidents such as collide with a lamp post or be run over.

The Look Ahead option on Android.

Enable Google’s “Look Ahead” mode to avoid accidents while walking

Google explains that “Look Ahead” is a feature that is designed to be used Get memories when we use the smartphone while we walk. However, the company states so Heads Up – as this feature is called in English – is not a substitute for attentionFor this reason, they recommend 100% not to trust this property when walking down the street with your mobile phone.

Initially, the feature is only available on Google Pixel series devices, and it is not known if it will eventually reach models from other companies.

In order to activate the option “look ahead”All you need to do is to do the following:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Digital Wellbeing app installed.
  2. Open the Settings application on your Pixel phone.
  3. Go to the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls section.
  4. Tap “Look Ahead”.
  5. Grant the required permissions and activate the function.

How to activate

This option Use two different systems to identify when we are going. On the one hand, it uses the Physical activity API to see if we are walking with cellphone in hand. Use on the other side The location permit to know if we are on the road or in another public place.

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When the conditions are met, we see a Memory above This encourages us to look straight ahead and take our eyes off the phone to avoid accidents.

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