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This is the perfect smartphone (according to AnTuTu)

The perfect Android smartphone now described by hundreds of thousands of users and AnTuTus ‘Big Data’.

We have been with you for many years, so now We will no longer fool you when we talk about the perfect smartphone or the best high-end mobile phones, the most powerful in the Android catalog or the ones with the best quality / price ratio on the market.

However, the cellular market is so mature and saturated that it is very interesting to see studies like this one from AnTuTu, as the Chinese developer has spent her time working with the huge amounts of data she salvaged Benchmarks in order to Get closer to the perfect Android smartphone according to the most frequently repeated specifications and used by users worldwide.

AnTuTu used ‘Big Data’ to describe the perfect Android smartphone.

How does AnTuTu know which is the perfect smartphone? Well, obviously The study is biased because there are no opinions a representative sample, but what has been constructed is the data sheet of a dummy smartphone with the most frequently repeated specifications among those who went through AnTuTu in this first quarter of 2021.

The idea of ​​the Chinese company was nothing more than to offer us An approach to the mobile phone most requested by usersor at least according to the main specifications of the most widely used smartphones on the market, always within the Android ecosystem and without leaving the active phones on the internet Benchmarks by AnTuTu during this 2021.

It won’t be the best on the market, but the ideal phone for Android users is 6.5 inches with FHD + resolution, 8-core Qualcomm chipset and 6 GB of RAM … with Android 10!

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The large format is standardized from 6.5 inches

The perfect smartphone according to AnTuTu

There is no discussion here nobody wants small smartphones anymore And under these sizes there really are no attractive options, so the most popular smartphones have huge screens from 6.5 inches with 16% of the total, it is precisely the diagonal that is repeated most frequently From the market.

Indeed, Among the 6.5-inch cell phones, cell phones make up 43.1% of the total at 6.6 and 6.7 compiled in AnTuTu, and that, without counting, that among the 14.4% of “other measures” will also be cell phones even bigger sizes such as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra or the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The perfect smartphone according to AnTuTu

When it comes to resolutions, it seems that all players in the industry are striving for them Compensate for both performance and autonomy with FHD + matrices, with 31.1% of cell phones in the 2,400 x 1,080 pixels in 20: 9 format. There is no color here as the second most used option at 26.2% is 2,340 x 1,080 pixels and the crumbs are left for all other matrices.

In fact, the 3,200 x 1,440 pixels of a QHD + panel are only found in 2% of cell phones, which makes this very clear the high end lasts flashes but not too much salesSurprised in this regard?

In terms of hardware, Qualcomm is king and 6GB of RAM is its general

The perfect smartphone according to AnTuTu

When we talk about hardware Most of the phones that have gone through AnTuTu trust Qualcomm for his electronic heart, which signs more than half of the quota with 57.9%. It’s not something we haven’t talked about anymore at a time when The solutions of their rivals are quite far not only in performance, but also in power consumption, as in the case of the Exynos, and without Huawei and its Kirin in the equation.

Continuation of the study, MediaTek is almost in second place with SamsungThe Chinese giant’s HiSilicon has plummeted since the US veto.

In addition, it goes beyond what virtually all activated cell phones around the world have eight core processors, a ratio of something like 97 cell phones out of 100 with CPUs Octa core.

Regarding memory configurations, The 6 GB RAM are standardized as the most popular option, especially when we have another 128 GB of internal storage, a set that by 2021 was practically the minimum required for a mobile phone.

The models with 8 GB of RAM are growing, including those with 12 GB, and 256GB phones are now growing too, as Samsung ditched microSD readers After Apple and Google, users need more storage space and the 128GB looks fair in one area bonus.

And unfortunately the most popular Android phone runs on… Android 10!

Again, there are no surprises because no matter how much Google insists on it now Hide the Android version distribution data from us, Fragmentation is still with us even if Android lightens its up Vein and provide updates to manufacturers.

Android 10 is the most popular version from all smartphones that have gone through AnTuTu 63.9% of Compartir pretty important, though the good part is that it’s down 14.1% during Android 11 is on the rise Waiting for a new Android 12 version that will be ready in a few months.

According to analysts, because we have already said that Google will not let us display this data now, Android 11 would take fourth place with numbers close to 10% penetration rate.

And so far the study of an AnTuTu, which presents us with a standard mobile phone on the market, with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, 6.5-inch FHD + screen in 20: 9 format, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. .. Now the question is, do we all agree?

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