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These are the top selling cell phone brands on every continent

A new report from Counterpoint Research shows which manufacturers were the most successful in which part of the world in 2020.

We can all quote from memory some of the most popular cell phone brands: Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, Huawei … we know that all and more, They share the cake of the cellular marketBut what is the percentage of each? To solve this question, the company Counterpoint Research and its new report CY 2020 comes up the best-selling cellular brands on every continent.

The data obtained with this study allow us to make this clear Conclusions on the current market situation. Get ready because we are going to take a short trip around the world to find out which manufacturers are the most successful in each corner.

A CounterPoint report reveals the best-selling brands on every continent.

The best-selling cell phone brands on every continent

Global cell phone sales declined nearly 10% in 2020 due to the pandemic, affecting all continents, particularly South America – a 20% decrease. If we keep the global focus, we will see that Samsung was the brand that sold the most phones (19%)followed by Apple (15%), Huawei (14%), Xiaomi (11%), OPPO (8%) and vivo (8%).

South Korean company appears also as sales manager in Europewhere he was the protagonist of 32% of them. On the European continent, Apple (22%) also follows, although Xiaomi (14%) beats Huawei (13%). The fifth position is occupied by OPPO with 3% of sales.

Things change radically when we move North America, area dominated by Apple’s solvency. The company accounts for 50% of sales, followed by Samsung (25%), LG (10%), Motorola (5%) and Alcatel (4%).

Bestselling brands in Europe and North America

Samsung leads the way in Europe while North America is Apple territory.

The struggle for kingship in Asia is more than close, with a first place that Huawei currently has (19%). vivo is in second place with 15%, followed by Xiaomi (14%), OPPO (14%) and Samsung (11%).

The situation is clearer in South America, where the throne is occupied by Samsung without competition as it accounts for 41% of total sales. Motorola (18%), Huawei (8%), Xiaomi (6%) and LG (4%) share the rest of the role in the Latin American continent.

Counterpoint’s report doesn’t forget Middle East and Africa, a continent where Samsung also triumphs (twenty-one%). In this case, Huawei ranks second with 12% of sales, followed by TECNO (9%), Itel (6%) and Xiaomi (6%).

Mobile sales in South America as well as the Middle East and Africa

Samsung dominates the market in terms of cellular sales in South America as well as the Middle East and Africa.

Counterpoint Research also asked worldwide sales of function phones, known as base phones. The total number of units of these models sold in 2020 decreased, 25% less compared to 2019. The most successful brands in this market remain the same: itel (23%), HMD (15%), TECNO (11%), Samsung (7%) and Lava (5%).

The data provided by the research company reflects this Samsung has dominion in the world marketclosely followed by Apple. If something is clear even with this CY 2020 report, it is it Huawei is holding up well received from the United States after the blockade.

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