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9 new Android games to try this month

It is time to say goodbye to the month of October and therefore to take stock of the past few weeks regarding the new games for Android that landed on Google Play. October was a month of releases, with games as expected Call of Duty: Mobile.

But the last one Sagittarius Activision for Phones isn’t the only big start this year. And that’s why we will be today just like last September *Choose the best games for Android published in October.

The best Android games released in October 2019


After several years of development, MONOLISK Now comes Android to delight RPG fans with its fantasy world full of dungeons. It’s a hack ‘n’ slash style game in which we can play with five different heroes that we will improve and customize.

NBA now


The people at Gamevil brought us this month NBA NOW: Mobile Basketball, Your answer to titles like NBA 2K **. It is a basketball title that is characterized by simple controls – it is played vertically with the mobile phone – in which We will form our own team Confront players from all over the world.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Another of the big ones expected this month is Bad North: Jotunn Edition. It is a real-time tactical strategy game where the goal is to defend our idyllic island kingdom against a horde of Viking invaders while leading the desperate exodus of our people.

League of Wonderland

The latest SEGA title for mobile phones should not be missing from this selection either: League of Wonderland suggests two-minute, one-on-one Clash Royale-style battles using mythical characters from famous fairy tales and fantastic stories.

Call of Duty: Mobile

We’re coming to the big start in October and probably one of the games of the year. Call of Duty: Mobile was the first to land on Google Play in early October full-fledged first person shooter based on the hit series to reach mobile platforms.

In the first week the game had already accumulated nearly 100 million downloads and the reception from the players could not have been more positive.

Angry Birds AR: Pig Island

The angry birds come into the real world With Angry Birds AR: Pig Island. This Augmented Reality-based game keeps the format of the classic for mobile phones and continues it through this technology Project the island where the pigs are found stealing eggs in the real world where our goal is to destroy their structures in order to obtain the maximum number of stars and recover the stolen eggs.

The king of fighters ALLSTAR

This month is considered the leader of the fighting game category The king of fighters ALLSTAR, a title that recovers the essence of the classic Street Fighter with street fighting, 3D graphics and simple and intuitive controls.

Leisure suit Larry – wet dreams don’t dry

Launched on desktop and console platforms, the latest installment in the hooligan video game saga Leisure suit Larry landed on Android as a style adventure title point and click free – but with in-app payments – in which we will accompany Larry in his goal of conquering the faith.

The swords of Ditto

We conclude this month’s selection with The swords of Ditto, an adventure role-playing game with enchanting graphics developed by DevolverDigital – among others, creators of the Reigns saga, Downwell, Minit and Hotline Miami. In it we will accompany our hero on his mission to explore a dangerous world full of dungeons in order to eradicate the curse that plagues his island.

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